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Whoa, that escalated quickly!

Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was all about the scandalous (possible) affair of Angelina Pivarnick!

As we reported, from the very start of this season, Angelina and her new hubby Chris Larangeira have been having serious marital problems. First their fights about their lack of sex life ended up with Chris seemingly admitting he was cheating when he yelled:

“I’m having sex, just not with you!”

But on Thursday, turnabout was not-so-fair play as a some random woman accused Angelina of infidelity!

In a preview, we learned that the total stranger was spilling the tea at the salon, telling a family member of Lauren Sorrentino all about how she saw the “dirty little hamster” making visits to a guy at her apartment complex. This rando claimed she had security cam footage of Angelina having fights with the guy outside — and of dumping her trash, including a bunch of chicken nuggets, a weirdly specific detail.

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Well, after she told Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, he obviously had to call Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese — and soon the the entire crew was working on getting to the bottom of it. JWoww even led the charge, reaching out to the woman — who supposedly had already started trying to shop around the footage to TMZ — so they could see it for themselves.

Jenni said she felt bad, remembering her own divorce, and just wanted Angelina to have all the information so she could “tell her side of the story before it gets spun into something else horrible.”

That’s not how Angelina saw it — and it was frenemy drama between the ladies all over again! She said in a confessional:

“It’s always upsetting and frustrating that Jenni always has to try and say dirt on me, she’s like all up in my biz. It’s like, girl, what the f**k are you doing?”

As to the specific accusations, she attested they were “not true” — and demanded to see the footage, saying:

“I don’t f**king believe anything anyone’s saying anymore. If people have security footage, where is it then?”

She then fires back with what she believes is the silver bullet — the claim she was seen with chicken nuggets:

“I haven’t ate chicken in f**king forever. I eat the two cheeseburger meal. I have not had f**king chicken tenders in forever. Chicken fingers, what? No, no, no. Come on. When you get my f**king food order wrong, the whole thing’s wrong.”


“This is ridiculous. People like to believe somebody else over me and it’s kind of bulls**t. Now it’s like f**king with my marriage. Get the video, I’m waiting for it. You guys gotta stop listening to everything you hear about me.”

The problem? The videos do seem to exist.

The woman eventually texts one to JWoww, who watches it and with the help of Zack Carpinello, eventually decides, yes, it’s Angelina, saying:

“I wish these videos did not exist.”

The videos, which presumably had to be blurred on the show for legal reasons — remember, the lady was trying to sell the footage — did not include hard evidence of an affair, as in “makeouts” as JWoww puts it.

But of course the drama is not tied up yet. By the end of the episode, it’s just clear a confrontation is coming for Angelina and Chris, as he calls to tell her they need to “talk about a couple things.” She says:

“I have a knot in my stomach, like wow, it’s happening. He’s coming home. Lord help me, Jesus.”

One little addendum. Whatever drama there ends up being between Angelina and JWoww, it gets wrapped up in the next six months, as you can see from this Twitter exchange as the episode aired:

What do YOU think will happen with Angelina??

[Image via Jersey Shore/YouTube.]

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