‘I was defrosted’: Siblings born 18 months apart discover they’re twins

For years, Sarah Sargent and her brother thought they were just siblings, but they’re more than that — they’re twins.

Despite an 18-month age gap, Australian natives Sarah, 18, and her brother Will, 20, are actually fraternal twins, according to a viral TikTok video that now has 9 million views.

In the video, Sarah addresses people’s confusion when she says that she and her brother are twins.

In the caption she wrote, “My parents ‘forgot to tell me’ apparently.”

They were conceived in the same batch of embryos on the same day through in-vitro fertilization, but Sarah’s embryo was stored in a freezer for nearly two years before implantation.

The doctors had a high success rate of embryos fertilized, she said, and after examination, they picked the two strongest embryos to use: one produced Will, and the other was Sarah.

Sarah, 18, and her brother Will, 20, are fraternal twins born nearly two years apart due to IVF.
@sar_sarge/ Caters News Agency

“I was defrosted and implanted around 12 months after my twin brother Will was born, in January 2001,” she said. “I was born in October 2002, 21 months later.”

Had the siblings not been produced through IVF and instead through natural fertilization, they would have been conceived and born at the same time.

Sarah and Will
The pair spent 16 years not knowing the truth of their DNA, until one day their parents finally let it slip.
@sar_sarge/ Caters News Agency

Sarah spent 16 years of her life not knowing a seemingly vital piece of her family tree, until one day she made a joke about being adopted to her father because she thought she looked and acted differently than the rest of her family.

“My dad was driving me to school,” she recalled. “He then said, ‘Well, I know for a fact you aren’t adopted because Will is your twin brother.’”

Australian siblings Sarah and Will Sargent discovered they’re actually fraternal IVF twins.
@sar_sarge/ Caters News Agency

After the shocking revelation, her parents explained they waited to tell their kids until they were old enough to understand.

“It has really taken me up until a few of months ago to properly accept it and I am still amazed by it to this day,” Sarah said. “I never imagined that the TikTok would go viral the way that it did. It wasn’t until I posted the story to my TikTok and it blew up to over 9 million views that I realized how cool it actually is.”

More importantly, the siblings are closer than ever. “The news hasn’t changed my brother and I’s relationship at all,” she says. “We’ve always been great friends. If anything, it has made us closer. I think there is something about having a twin that is really special.”

Sarah and Will
Sarah’s embryo was stored in a freezer for almost two years before her parents used it to conceive her.
@sar_sarge/ Caters News Agency
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