Juror #52 Brandon Mitchell Speaks Publicly For First Time About Finding Derek Chauvin Guilty Of George Floyd’s Murder

We knew it was only a matter of time before jurors started talking.

Derek Chauvin is headed to prison after being convicted of murdering George Floyd. The jury of 12 came back from deliberations extremely quickly in just 11 hours. The brevity of that deliberation immediately suggests that the jury had heard all they needed to hear to reach their final decision.

This morning, Brandon Mitchell, known previously only as juror #52, spoke to several media outlets including CBS This Morning with Gayle King where he detailed exactly what took place in the jury room as they decided the killer cop’s fate. Mitchell says that the group was almost completely on the same page on every charge with the exception of some clarification and due diligence notwithstanding. Gayle asked Mitchell which testimony made the biggest impact on himself and the other jurors:

“As a whole jury I think Dr. Tobin was the biggest and most influential witness out of everybody. For me personally, Donald Williams was another person. So, Dr. Tobin and Donald Williams for sure. Early on, Williams set the tone for the trial, and then when Dr. Tobin came, with him speaking so scientifically and making it understandable for everyone along with the exhibits he came with. I thought he just broke it down in a manner that made it easy for the jury to understand. I didn’t think the defense had any chance to come back after that. To me, the case was done at that point.”

Peep the interview in its entirety in the tweet below.

Judge Peter Cahill better sentence this pig appropriately or there will be problems in the streets of Minneapolis. Five to ten years ain’t gone cut it.

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