Kover Your Eyes, Khloe: Meet The Messy Baddie Who Klaims Tristan Thompson Klandestinely Klobbered Her Klout-Thirsty Kakes


In the least shocking development of the week, peen-and-roll power forward Tristan Thompson found himself caught up in another messy cheating scandal–this time, with clout-thirsty InstaBaddie Sydney Chase who spilled the beans about their alleged “fling” back in January.

“The last time we had contact — besides when he messaged me after finding out about the interview, it was the day after his daughter’s birthday party,” she revealed on TikTok.

This marks the latest of multiple cheating scandals that Khloe Kardashian has ignored during their bozo baeship that gets goofier by the scandal.

In a now infamous No Jumper podcast interview, Sydney admitted to hanging out with Thompson on multiple occasions, adding that she didn’t agree to talk to him before asking whether he was single, which he claimed he was.

According to her, they did have sex but she ended things after learning he wasn’t actually single. SURPRISE!

“In the interview, things got misconstrued while we were drinking,” she said, attempting to set things straight on TikTok.

“We first met [in] November — November 11th to be exact — and that’s when everything started…”

She also apologized for revealing intimate details about Tristan’s manhood.

“It was a peek-a-boo d**k but baby it was good,” she gushed.

For those keeping score at home, Thompson creeped on Khloe with another InstaBaddie, Lani Blair, just days before she gave birth to True in 2018.

Fast-forward to 2021 and the 6’9″ baller continues to trend for everything except his NBA career that pales in comparison to his scandalous sexploits.

How do you think this latest Tristan-Khloe saga ends? Tell us down below and peep Sydney Chase’s hottest pics on the flip.

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