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If Madonna wanted to disturb the peace during her Tonight Show appearance, well, mission accomplished. 

The pop icon sat down for what may now be considered one of Jimmy Fallon‘s most memorable interviews. During her appearance, which aired on Oct. 7, the performer explained that novelist and activist James Baldwin was a source of inspiration for her Madame X show, out now as a concert film. “One of the things I quote over and over again in the show is that ‘Artists are here to disturb the peace,'” she told the late-night host. “I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon, but people’s peace while they watch the show—but I mean that in the best way.”

Or, as Fallon put it, “You get in good trouble.” Almost like a light bulb brightening, the comment spurred Madonna to suddenly get up and lay across Fallon’s desk, pushing anything in her path away. The move sent Fallon into a visible panic. While it’s unclear if this was all planned or impromptu, it made for quite the moment as he took off his suit jacket and attempted to cover her behind with it. 

“No one’s gonna see anything, my God!” Madonna quipped on the way back to her seat. Except that she lifted her skirt and faced the audience as she did it in one swift, not-so-coy move. 

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