Michelle Obama Talks To Gayle King About COVID-19 Vaccine, Policing, And Daughters’ Safety As Black Women

The Forever First Lady keeps it as real as we’ve come to expect from her.

Michelle Obama sat down with Gayle King on CBS This Morning to discuss a myriad of topics. One of which is obviously the effort to get people vaccinated from the COVID-19 pandemic which is still a very real thing. We know that most cities have completely reopened but that does not mean that you aren’t at risk of getting sick or spreading sickness if you don’t take appropriate steps to guard yourself against illness. Mrs. Obama didn’t stutter a syllable when Gayle asked her what folks would have to do in order to “hang out” with the Obamas one night saying, “Be vaccinated. You want to hang out with us, get ya vaccine. Get it all. Finish it up. Then, we can talk”

Mrs. Obama also spoke about the statement that she and President Obama released following the guilty verdict that came down on Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd. That subject segued into The First Lady talking about how fearful she is that someone will profile and mistreat Malia and Sasha Obama as they are now young women, 23 and 20 respectively.

We know there are a lot of Black parents just like Michelle Obama who are constantly concerned about their children as they traverse Amerikkka in these times that are fraught with racism.

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