Natalie Portman Recalls The One & Only Older Man Who Was Not ‘Creepy’ With Her

Natalie Portman is remembering the late Mike Nichols in a new biography written by Mark Harris.

The Thor: Love and Thunder actress worked with Mike on two occasions: for the Central Park production of “The Seagull” and then for Closer, which came out in 2004.

“I was nineteen,” Natalie recalled in the book, which is out now. “I hadn’t done anything I had needed to research except for Anne Frank. I’d watch Phil [Hoffman] write down question after question in his notebook, and Meryl [Streep] would make up songs to sing and put them in her pocket just in case her character suddenly wanted to burst into song.”

She added that her experience with Mike, who passed away in 2014, was different from the others she had experienced.

“[He was] the only older man who mentored me without there ever being a creepy element in it,” she said.

Natalie continued, “I think he was a genuine feminist. There was nothing, nothing, nothing there except him seeing you as a creative, interesting, talented human. It is the rarest, finest quality, and not many directors of his generation had it.”

Author Mark noted in the book that with Natalie, Mike “was careful and protective, particularly in the strip club sequence, for which, at her request, he was happy to eliminate some of the nudity.”

“He wants to see my bare ass [even] less than my father would,” Natalie shared.

The book went on: “[Nichols] made sure [Portman] was comfortable with the angles, the costumes, and the movement, and walked her through the scene until she felt ready. ‘What he did for me…’ she says. ‘Lord, may I have that ability to offer that kind of mentorship and guidance to one other person.’”

Just before the holidays, Natalie opened up about being sexualized a lot as a child actress.

Over the weekend, Natalie put media on blast for this reason…

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