Pork Patrol: Los Angeles Cop Caught On Camera Repeatedly Punching Woman In The Face [Video]

At this point, we gotta believe that cops sign up for duty JUST to enact violence on people.

No guilty verdict is gonna stop a cop from being a cop. Despite watching their brethren Derek Chauvin be convicted of cold-blooded murder, police will continue to abuse, mistreat, assault, and kill people to their heart’s desire. If you think that’s cynical, just take a look at the video that TMZ published earlier today.

Police officers in Orange County were captured on a cell phone camera arresting a woman for God-only-knows-what. During the interaction, one of the porky power rangers was seen repeatedly punching the woman in the face for seemingly no reason. She wasn’t attacking him. She didn’t strike him. But because it was Wednesday, officer douche nozzle thought it right to throw a couple of straight rights into her face.

You see the other two cops trying to stop their fellow pig from further assaulting the woman. Honestly, we’re not even going to give them credit for stopping him. We’re more inclined to believe that they only stopped him because they knew they were being recorded. Had this been in a dark alley away from the public, that woman probably would have showed up to her mugshot with missing teeth.

F**k 12. Always and all days.

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