Pure Comedy: LaKeith Stanfield Explains What The Hell Was Happening That Time He Won $300 In Clubhouse Moan Room [Video]

This one time at bandwidth camp…

LaKeith Stanfield is front-and-center these days as the co-star of the soon-to-be-released film Judas And The Black Messiah. We are very excited to see how LaKeith and Daniel Kaluuya brought the tragic-yet-inspiring story of Fred Hampton to life. But we are nowhere NEAR as excited as LaKeith was the day he joined Clubhouse.

Some of you may remember that Stanfield took the stage in one of the social media app’s most controversial rooms, the moan room, and the results send his name to the climax of Twitter’s trending topics.

During an appearance on Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’s Higher Learning podcast, LaKeith explained exactly what the f**k was going on during his orgasmic oration in the aforementioned moan room.

Now, there will always be nonbelievers when it comes to this sort of thing. Many folks already believe that LaKeith is just a freaky-deeky negro and nothing about his YouTube story will convince them otherwise. On the other hand, many folks think LaKeith is weird as hell and YouTubing men’s moans to win a $300 seems completely plausible to them.

Where you do you reside on this issue? Is it LaKeith or LaCap?

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