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E!: What makes Rose Inc. different from other beauty brands?
CH: Transparency and efficacy. They work hand in hand and were two pillars both Rosie and I did not want to sacrifice in development. Rose Inc. is committed to full transparency with everything we do, packaging, formula and ingredients, and performance. And, we know our products are efficacious, as we have clean innovation pioneer Amyris providing 5 powerful and proprietary bioengineered botanical ingredients, that are both good for people and the environment.

E!: You’ve had your makeup done many times throughout your modeling career. Did modeling inspire you to create certain types of products/formulas for your own line?
RHW: Absolutely. After being in the makeup chair for over 20 years, I have definitely seen and experienced the best (and sometimes the not so great) when it comes to beauty products. I knew before embarking on this journey that I would be able to take what I learned, tried, and experienced and apply that to Rose Inc. We are launching with the Modern Essentials collection, which are all the products I feel are must-haves to look and feel your best, without the fuss. In terms of formulations, we’ve integrated 100% non-comedogenic formulas, with over five skin-nourishing proprietary bioengineered botanicals and safe synthetic ingredients. Collaborating with Amyris, the clean innovation pioneer known for its proprietary science and putting brands at the forefront of trustworthy beauty, was very important to me from the very beginning.

E!: What are three words you would use to describe this brand?
RHW: Transparent. Effective. Sustainable.

E!: What’s the best makeup or skincare tip you’ve received and who gave you that advice?
RHW: Several years ago my facialist Biba De Sousa encouraged me to check all my skincare, make up and even haircare products for pore clogging ingredients and replacing them with non-comedogenic options. Editing them all out and checking them for potential pore cloggers took a lot of time but was so worth it. Using non-comedogenic formulas has really helped me manage my acne prone skin so of course it was essential to me that all Rose Inc products are certified non-comedogenic so they won’t disrupt the skins microbiome or congest the complexion. 

E!: What’s your favorite product from Rose Inc.?
RHW: I get this question often and it really is so hard to answer. They are all my babies that I can’t pick just one! Each product is so unique and part of my daily routine.

Keep on scrolling to learn more about the products from the first Rose Inc. collection and to see Rosie’s insider tips for the best makeup application.

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