Sink Your Body into One of These Soft Silk Comforters

When you hear the words silk comforter, adjectives like lavish, extra, bougie, and expensive probably come to mind. I hear ya! That’s what I used to think until I found out that silk bedding is actually…really freakin’ good for you. Not only is it comfortable as heck, but your hair and skin will benefit from it A TON.

How so? Silk’s super smooth texture has very little friction and doesn’t absorb moisture, which means you won’t have to deal with dehydrated tresses and rough, patchy skin as a result of other less moisture-wicking fabrics (looking at you, cotton fibers!). And if you tend to perspire while you sleep—which is a totally normal thing that happens—silk naturally regulates body temperature, so you won’t ever feel too hot or too cold while you’re catchin’ those Z’s. (I know you night sweaters are getting giddy RN.)

Yup, so, this is your cue to go right along and shop the best silk comforters, below, because I know I’ve got ya convinced. And if you wanna give yourself some options, take a gander at some down and cooling comforters we’ve gathered, too!

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this gorgeous gem

19Momme Silk Duvet Cover/Silk Comforter Cover



Is this sleek, silver comforter cover not the prettiest thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on?


this one that’s silk through and through

All Season Silk Covered Silk Comforter

Lily Silk


Guys, both the outer shell and inner lining of this comforter are made of 100 percent silk. Talk about fancy! 


this one for sensitive skin types

Silk Comforter

Cozy Earth


If you have sensitive skin, go for this hypoallergic pick from Cozy Earth. Yes, the price tag is a bit high up there, but, it’s definitely worth it.


this airy one

Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter

Momme Silk


Choose this one from Momme Silk if you’re looking for a comforter that’s really breathable, soft, and lightweight. 


this top-rated one

Silk Comforter

Cuddle Dreams


I mean, the brand name says it all! Cuddle up in this silk beauty, ASAP. It’s very cozy and maintains a stable temperature throughout the night.


this hypoallergenic one

Top Grade 7A Silk Comforter

THX Silk


This one goes out to all those with asthma or intense allergies. Snag this anti-dust mite comforter that’s made with natural fibers, and get ready for no more sneezing in the middle of the night!


this breathable one

Mulberry Silk Comforter



Another option for those who suffer from extreme allergies! Except, this one from Amazon is just a lil bit nicer on the wallet. It’s really airy and comfy and will fight off anything that might trigger you to cough or feel stuffy in your sleep.


this reversible one

White Silk Comforter

White Noise


There’s scientific proof that this luxe gem will totally wick away moisture, and I know this is clutch info for anybody who deals with night sweats. Bonus perk: It’s reversible! 


these chic pillowcases

Silk Pillowcase

Grace Eleyae


Hi. This is a sign from the universe (and me just aggressively urging you) to hop on the silk pillowcase hype. Grace Eleyae’s are dermatologist-approved, so you know your hair and skin are def in good hands.

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