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Is this latest Bam Margera saga finally coming to an end? Steve-O has hope for us.

Speaking to Howie Mandel on his new podcast Howie Mandel Does Stuff this week, the Jackass alum opened up about what was going on with his longtime co-star.

The update included spilling some info that — while not 100% solid — would really put our minds at ease about his troubled friend.

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Steve-O revealed despite the public fighting, he’s still “been in such very close contact with” Bam. And giving his take on what’s going on with the skater, he explained:

“He’s got well-documented issues with substance abuse, and I think there’s another layer of mental health, you know, each sort of exacerbating the other, you know? These issues are compounding.”

Steve-O then spoke about his own sobriety and how he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and given medication. Thankfully, it “mellowed out” for him, something he says he’s hopeful Bam will experience soon as well — “if he were to really address the chemical dependency.”

The stuntman then noticeably shifted the way he was speaking, seeming like he was searching for the right way to say something without giving too much away. He finally said:

“I think things have come to a head as of late.”

When Howie asked what he meant, Steve-O offered:

“Well, I just know there’s been some activity… I think he actually might be, as we speak, getting into a treatment center.”

Amazing! However, he quickly added that he “can’t confirm this,” he’s just going off of what he knows. But what does he know? How recent is his info? He told Howie:

“The last time I spoke with Bam was via text message about a week or two ago. The last couple weeks have been particularly colorful for him.”


“There’s been escapades, an intervention, travel, he’s AWOL…”

Thankfully Howie — a solid interviewer btw — picked up on the key word in that sentence: “intervention”. When he pressed on the topic of intervention, Steve-O said “there’s been many of them” in the past but also:

“There was another one in the last week, yeah.”

What would make this one different? Steve-O tried to keep his language pretty guarded as things got into legal territory…

“I do believe that the latest concerted effort to intervene has, um, sort of focused on creating a sort of a legal layer to it, which would require a certain amount of treatment.”

Whoa. It sounds like Bam may be getting some tough love. But what are we talking about here? Mandatory treatment? Is that even possible? We mean, Bam is a grown man, not a teenager.

Steve-O and Bam in 2006. (c) Charlie Steffens/WENN

Well, the key may be his family, who are finally on board with putting their foot down. As Steve-O explains:

“I’ve been in super close contact with his family, his wife and his mom, and I gotta say that after such years of feeling like I want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them like, ‘You’re… contributing to the problem!’ And really I feel like they’ve come to a place where they’re kind of understanding.”

Thank goodness! In one sense the only one that can make the decision to get clean is Bam himself — but if everyone around him is on the same page, that has to help.

Of course it’ll be too late to get back into Jackass 4.

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In regards to why Bam got fired from the highly anticipated sequel, Steve-O again tries to use careful language, saying:

“Everything that we’ve seen in the media with regards to that has sort of demonstrated why he couldn’t be in the movie, if that makes any sense. The way he’s been conducting himself sort of precluded his involvement.”

Fair enough.

Ch-ch-check out all the Bam talk (below):

[Image via Howie Mandel/YouTube/Apega/WENN.]

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