The 14 Best Holiday Movies to Watch on Netflix If You’re Already Feeling Festive

The holiday season may be *checks calendar* like three full months away, but I’m a firm believer that holiday festivities are perfectly acceptable at any time of the year! After the past 18 months we’ve had, we could all use a little extra merriment right about now. And the best way to get some is by opening Netflix and pressing play one or two (or many) of the best Netflix holiday movies.

Picture it: You are dressed in your coziest PJs, all wrapped up in a fuzzy plaid blanket with a mug of hot chocolate in hand (maybe with some extra shots of holiday spirit added in, if ya know what I mean) and you’re settling in to watch a sickly-sweet-but-oh-so-heartwarming Christmas movie. Sounds pretty freaking good, right? RIGHT!

Next time you’re mindlessly scrolling Netflix, feeling like you could go for a movie about accidentally falling in love with a prince in a picturesque European town at Christmas time, we’ve got you covered, because as it turns out that’s the plot of more than one of the best 14 holiday movies on Netflix! Who knew?

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What happens when two single strangers agree to be each other’s holiday dates to get their prying families off their backs? They start to catch real feels, of course!



The Princess Switch

Finding out you look exactly like a duchess is one thing, but switching places and then falling for the men in each other’s lives makes things a bit more exciting. That’s exactly what happens to Stacy (played by Vanessa Hudgens) and Lady Margaret (also played by Vanessa Hudgens).



The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

It’s a few year later and Duchess Vanessa Hudgens needs to switch places again with commoner Vanessa Hudgens but this time—you guessed it—there’s a THIRD Vanessa Hudgens thrown into the mix.



A Christmas Prince

This is the quintessential Netflix Christmas movie. Aspiring reporter Amber Moore heads off to get the scoop on the crown prince of Aldovia as rumors swirl that he might not take over the throne after his father’s death. And when she gets mistaken for his younger sister’s new tutor, she just…goes with it. Wouldn’t you?



A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Spoiler: Amber and the prince fall in love and now they’re getting married! On Christmas! How cute. But when Amber discovers someone is messing with the royal finances, she has to ditch the wedding planning and dust off her investigative skills to figure out what’s going on.



A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Queen Amber is about to have her baby which, let’s be honest, is stressful enough, but when a treaty that needs to be signed to keep a truce between Aldovia and a neighboring nation goes missing, sh*t really hits the fan.



Jingle Jangle

A Christmas musical? Um yes, please! This one’s all about a toy maker who falls on hard times after his apprentice betrays him. But when his granddaughter shows up at his door, everything changes.



Holiday in the Wild

What could be better than a Christmas rom-com with Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis? Nothing, I tell you! Kristin plays Kate, who, after getting left by her husband, takes a solo trip to Zambia where she meet super hot pilot Derek and things get real cute.



Let It Snow

When a small town gets hit by a massive snowstorm, it brings everyone’s relationships and love lives together in one spectacular day. If you want something v cute (and perhaps slightly more realistic than most holiday movies), this is it.



Christmas Inheritance

What happens when your dad dies and he wants to leave you his company but isn’t sure you can handle it? He challenges you to travel by bus to hand deliver a letter to his ex-partner in your small hometown, of course!



The Knight Before Christmas

Okay, I’m not going to lie to you, this movie plot is kind of terrible in a fun predictable must-watch sort of way. The plot is EXTREMELY cheesy (it’s about a medieval knight who time travels to present day and falls in love) but V-Hudge, aka the Queen of Christmas movies, easily makes it a classic.



Christmas on the Square

If the holiday season doesn’t have Dolly Parton playing an angel who is watching over Christine Baranski as she heartlessly tries to sell a small town, then I don’t want it.



Holiday Rush

When a widowed radio DJ loses his job, he and his four kids (who, let’s just say have been a TAD spoiled) have to move in with his aunt. And yes, the movie’s got a healthy dose of holiday rom-com-ness.




As it turns out, when you’re the worst postman at the postman academy, you get sent to work at a post office wayyyy up north. But as it ALSO turns out, that’s where Santa is hiding out so it’s kind of a win.


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