UFO Expert Lue Elizondo Reveals Why He Believes Humans Aren’t ‘The Only Life In The Universe’

Lue Elizondo, the former director of the Pentagon’s AATIP program, discussed his opinions on UFO theories and explained why there are ‘many options’ as to what they could be.

UFO expert Lue Elizondo believes there may be a different kind of “life” out there in the Universe than the one we know as humans. As the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP), the secretive Pentagon unit that studied UFOs, Luis has learned a lot about the mysterious phenomena and understands that unidentified objects in the sky could really be anything from anywhere.

“Most sightings of unidentified objects turn out to have completely prosaic explanations. However, there are many that don’t,” Luis EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in an interview. “This second category is the one we’re most concerned with. They display advanced technological and propulsion capabilities that we can’t yet explain or fully understand, and they’ve been in our skies since at least the atomic era. They also display a distinct interest in our nuclear capabilities and assets. By definition, these are UFO’s because we haven’t yet been able to identify them.”

Lue Elizondo says there’s ‘documentation’ that some UFOs may be interested in the USA’s ‘nuclear capabilities.’ (Courtesy of CNN)

“I’ve said before that these vehicles could be from outer space, inner space, or the space in between,” he continued. “As we learn more about how quantum mechanics govern our universe, we may start to uncover more of the answers. It’s also possible that life as we know it may not be the only form of life in the universe. Humanity is quite close to having a very advanced artificial intelligence which can think and act autonomously. We also have 3D printers which can mine resources to build copies of themselves. Is that sort of AI conscious? Is it ‘life’? Perhaps our perspective of what life is might need to evolve with our understanding of technology and quantum mechanics.”

Lue, who will appear on a one-hour special called TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof, airing tonight on FOX, also talked about the various reasons a UFO may be around Earth and even revealed that there’s been “documentation” from as far back as the 1940s that suggests some “advanced vehicles” may be “interested in our nuclear capabilities.”

“I can’t provide a complete answer without violating my national security NDA, so I’ll leave it at this: There is ample documentation since the 1940s that these advanced vehicles have shown a particular interest in our nuclear capabilities, including appearing over secure weapons silos and disabling all of the underground nuclear weapons,” he explained. “These incidents have occurred not just in the United States, but in Russia and other nuclear powers around the globe.”

Lue Elizondo
Lue Elizondo is the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP). (Courtesy of History Channel)

“On multiple occasions, nuclear weapons have been deactivated when UAP have shown up over secure missile silos,” he added. “In most cases, the systems have come back online shortly after the vehicle departs. Some of these cases have been publicly reported or declassified over the years, but many other stories have yet to be told. Interestingly, these sorts of incidents have happened with most nuclear powers around the world, going back as far as the 1960s. In some cases, in the former Soviet Union for example, these weapons have even been put into launch condition, and after a frenzy in the launch control facilities, the UAP would disappear, and the countdown would stop.”

As far as whether or not these unidentified objects tend to be found in the same areas, Lue admitted there are some “hotspots” and they seem to relate to the nuclear interest theory. “There do seem to be hotspots in various places around the globe. The biggest hotspots are where there are nuclear materials or assets,” he confirmed.

Now that the world has been seeing and reporting more and more claims of UFO sightings over recent years, like the Navy videos released by the Pentagon last year, Lue said he’s concerned they will lead to “irrational conspiracy theories” that could lead to misinformation. “We’re doing our best to move toward a policy of total transparency on this issue, and it’s important to maintain a rational approach to every new piece of data that comes out,” he said. “We’ve seen firsthand over the past year the dangers of unchecked conspiracy theories to the stability of our democracy. It’s important to keep an open mind but, as the saying goes, ‘not so open that your brains fall out’.”

“I think we can all agree that we need a whole-of-government approach to understanding these phenomena,” he went on. “The United States has the most advanced signatures collection capabilities in the world, from radar to electrooptical to satellites to our trained observers to full electromagnetic spectrum tracking and measurement. We should be utilizing those tools to have a clear picture of what’s traversing our sensitive military installations, our upper atmosphere, and the depths of our oceans, especially when they display capabilities that would revolutionize our understanding of physics, and perhaps even give us insight into technologies that could improve the lives of all mankind.”

You can check out Lue talking about his UFO experience and theories on TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof tonight on FOX at 8/7c.

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