We Need Answers: Dez Bryant Questions Tim Tebow’s NFL Return After A Decade Of Inactivity

Dez Bryant takes to Twitter to question Tim Tebow’s return to the NFL when he hasn’t played a game in over a decade.

Dez Bryant is an NFL veteran who has a pretty solid understanding of how things work in the sport. He spent the first 8 years of his career with one team, the Dallas Cowboys. Then, he was surprisingly released in April of 2018, giving him his first taste of being a free agent. He eventually landed a new home with the New Orleans Saints in November of that same year. Unfortunately, just two days after signing with the Saints, Dez tore his Achilles tendon during team practice, giving him his first experience with an injury. That injury would end up costing his entire season and then some.

He wouldn’t see the football field again until October of 2020, when he signed with the Ravens. Currently, Dez is back without a team in 2021, but still hopeful. We say all that to show you Dez understands how hard it is to get on a team and stay on a team, even when you’re as talented as him.

Yesterday, news broke that Tim Tebow will allegedly sign with the Jaguars after a decade of inactivity. When we say inactivity, we mean to the point we don’t even know if he has been training or has touched a football at all. The news made it’s way to Dez Bryant, who immediately took to Twitter to not bash Tim, but ask questions.

After all, there are tons of people more talented than Tim who we know are in shape ready to go (such as Dez himself) and still aren’t getting the type of opportunity Tim is receiving. Dez engaged in civil banter with his followers about the Tebow news and also made it clear he isn’t placing blame on Tebow and isn’t hating at all.

He admits if he was Urban Meyer, he would sign Tim as well, but still, Dez clearly knew what he was doing starting this conversation on Twitter. During the discussion on Twitter, Dez released a statement via his notes app to clear a few things up. You can read the statement below.

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