Your Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope for the Month Ahead

Imagine your best year ever, dear Sagittarius. What does it look like? Your monthly tarotscopes—or tarot horoscopes, a combination of tarot cards and astrology—can help you focus your energy and become your highest vibrational self. Are you ready?

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign with your monthly tarot horoscope, Sagittarius. And if you’d like more guidance, check out Glamour’s weekly horoscopes or consult the other zodiac signs’ monthly tarotscope

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based spiritual advisor, intuitive tarot card reader, and author whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at themeghanrose.com and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

September 2021

Seven of Swords: My centaurs, are you being completely honest with yourself and those around you? It seems that through your recent season of growth, you may have realized that you want something new out of life. If you’re feeling guilty about how this will affect those around you, this will be the month for radical honesty. I see some of you stepping out of a relationship or group dynamic in order to live more authentically, and you will be heavily rewarded by your spirit team if you do so. You are not meant to live a life of stagnation; whether through internal or external travels, you are meant to experience more than you have so far.

Great fortune is trying to come your way. Will you be open to the opportunity once it arrives? Spend the first few weeks of this month immersing yourself in self-love and self-exploration. Become clear about what you like and don’t like. Treat the relationship to yourself like an adventure; you are an ever-changing being and you cannot be expected to stay the same through each chapter of your life. Give yourself permission to change your mind on who and what you have around you, and go valiantly towards what you desire. My advice? Be as honest as you can with those you are leaving behind.

August 2021

The World: Instead of thinking that other people should have it all figured out, why not be the one that leads by example to the rest of the world, dear Sagittarius? It seems that there may be connections placed on pause in your life, and your stubbornness has got the best of you. If you’re unable to see progress in your close connections, it may be time to lay down the walls around your heart and open yourself up to being an example of truly unconditional love. Put your pride aside this August and make amends with those closest to you. For some, it seems that this relates to family or healing ancestral wounds in your lineage. It’s time to own your role as the one who can break these negative cycles and begin anew.

For some of my centaurs, you will be met with opportunities in career and finance in August that will change your life forever. You do not need to struggle unnecessarily; it is not a badge of honor to wear around proudly. Instead, open your mind up to the reality of thriving, receiving, and resting as your new normal. You do not need to be in a constant state of productivity in order to be proud of yourself. You have accomplished so much in your life, and there will be many more accomplishments on the horizon for you, but let this month be a moment for you to pause, breathe, and receive. It’s not shameful to ask for help and support from those around you; think about what you would want your life to look like if you were looking back on it. The only way to ensure you’ll be happy with your past is if you take full advantage of each present moment. Let your guard down in August and watch the way that your life changes for the better. There’s no reason to hold on to grudges or to let your pessimism get in the way of you manifesting the life that you truly want. Go towards love, and love will never fail to find you!

July 2021

Three of Cups: Ah, my Sagittarius love, what are we celebrating this month? It seems there’s something in the air between you and your crew, and it’s time to rally the troops for some fun! If you’ve felt your energy was stuck in a rut for the last few months, you can expect that to change in July. Whether it’s parties, hiking trips, camping, or a backyard barbeque, you’re going to be surrounded by a jovial group of people that allows you to see yourself through a fresh pair of eyes. You are magnetic and adventurous, and you deserve to explore that part of yourself out in the real world. Be sure to check in with your energy from time to time, and don’t push yourself into overdrive now that the world is starting to open back up. Make sure you find a good balance between fun and rest as the month goes on so you can be present within both.

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