500 Startups will invest 17 million dollars in companies in Latin America

Venture capital firm 500 Startups announced the launch of the 500 Luchadores III initiative with which it will invest $ 17 million in 130 early-stage startups in Latin America over the next two and a half years.

Cortesía 500 Startups

500 Startups has invested in startups in Latin America since 2011 and among the companies it has promoted are Clip (which recently became a unicorn after being valued at $ 2 billion), Konfío, Conekta, 99 minutos, Platzi, Jüsto, Ayenda , Yana, Graviti and Baubap.

So far, 500 Luchadores III has already invested resources in 44 companies and it is expected that in the next two and a half years, it will be able to complete the investment in the remaining 86 startups.

During its operation, 500 Luchadores III already has several success stories, among these is that of Terapify, a mental health startup that, from being made up of two people, became a team of 20 that thanks to this support already raised more than 1.5 million dollars of capital.

This third investment fund of 500 Startups is made up of resources from offices dedicated to wealth management (family offices), private investors who live in the region and are interested in seeing it grow, and the IDB Lab, the IDB Group’s innovation laboratory.

This is how 500 Fighters III will be invested

Of the 130 startups that this investment fund plans to support, 100 will be accompanied through Somos Lucha , the 500 Startups program in which the fund works in a personalized way with the founders to prepare them and obtain their next investment round. The rest will be supported with funds and accompaniment but will not have to go through the program.

500 Startups is looking for early stage startups in any industry that have any connection to Latin America, whether the company was founded by Latin Americans (even if it is operating in the United States or another country) or wants to open operations in the countries of He speaks Spanish, for example.

The investment range is very wide and one of the objectives of this fund is to monitor the investments made. In a first ‘ticket’ the investment amount could be from 50 to 100 thousand dollars, in a follow-up investment it could rise to between 250 and 500 thousand dollars and in a subsequent investment, this could reach up to five million dollars with support of the global funds of 500 Startups.

Are you interested in participating in 500 Luchadores III? Find more information on the official website of 500 Startups.

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