An Alternative Investment Opportunity That Changes the Future of Pizza Making

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Pizza making is labor-intensive and can be an expensive process for traditional pizzerias. But people love pizza! It’s one of the most popular take-out items because of its versatility, ease of eating, and near-universal availability. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation. Piestro says its “industry-changing” technology is poised to double traditional pizzeria profit margins and has already led to a partnership with international gourmet pizza brand 800 Degrees Pizza.


Piestro offers pizza innovation.

Everyone knows just how ubiquitous pizza is, and one business is working to leverage this popularity with new technology to bring to life a high-margin pizzeria of the future. With its robotic pizza maker, Piestro wants to revolutionize the pizza industry by enabling existing pizza businesses to more quickly and cost-effectively make delicious pizza with a white-label service, as well as extend their reach into almost any location with high foot traffic.

The Piestro machine is an all-in-one pizza-making machine. Its internal process selects the base, applies the sauce, and then adds the toppings to the customers’ preference – input via the built-in touchscreen or via a mobile app so orders can be executed in advance – and also cooks the pizza on the spot in three minutes. That’s much quicker than the traditional method of creating pizza by hand.

Piestro’s recently announced partnership with 800 Degrees Pizza, helmed by executive chef Anthony Carron, with locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Singapore and beyond.  This commercial partnership, valued at an estimated $530M and projected to kick off with 3,600 machines to be produced and sold over the next five years, will further drive future growth and allow consumers to access pizza 24/7 in high-traffic locations.  This partnership will bring consumers a fully-automated pizza experience using the gourmet ingredients and imaginative approach that Chef Anthony takes to his pizza making.  Partnering with Piestro will drive tremendous growth and introduce the 800 Degrees Pizza brand to high-traffic, easy-to-access locations throughout the world.

Higher output, lower costs.

The people behind the Piestro machine want to both enable traditional pizzerias to increase their output with lower costs, as well as provide customers in high-traffic areas the option of a quick, easy, and delicious meal on the spot. The machine features an entertaining mechanism with a clear window that allows customers to watch their pizza being made. 

The machine can also stay open every hour of the day, so customers can grab a bite whenever they’re hungry. By placing the machines in varied locations like at the beach, in shopping malls and food courts, on college campuses, and other areas of high foot traffic, Piestro can reduce costs and time spent making pizzas

Pizza-making technology is an alternative investment.

The Piestro machine can help to eliminate the retail footprint and labor costs associated with making pizza, offering food using quality ingredients to make better pizzas at lower prices. And Americans’ lives are busier than ever, with quick and tasty food options on the go becoming an increasing priority for most people. 

The Piestro machine can provide a less expensive method for creating pizzas for many in the business and also target those customers on the move who are looking for a quick meal. While the Piestro machine is still in development, it makes for an excellent alternative investment for those looking to diversify their holdings. Piestro is a high-margin business and can improve the profit generated by traditional pizzerias by more than double – to 48 percent up from just just 22 percent. 

Piestro’s machines can make pizza in half the time, for half the cost, for busy Americans. Join the investors who backed Blue Bottle, Miso, and MindBody Online by investing in Piestro today, but hurry, the campaign closes on September 30.

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