Are New Years Resolutions Worth It?

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The beginning of a new year is about to come, and with it, that moment we all wait for: formulating resolutions that allow us to improve in various areas of our lives.


But, to be honest, are these resolutions really important? Don’t you feel that every year you propose things that you have completely forgotten by the 5th of January?

A somewhat cynical air circulates in social networks. What I read are not enthusiastic or optimistic comments, but negative messages , in the style of “If you always break your resolutions, why bother doing them this year?” or even demotivating messages: “Your New Year’s resolutions won’t last even 5 days.”

Surely we all identify with some of these negative messages, and we may even have lost the motivation to try again.

Who hasn’t broken a New Years resolution? If in previous years we have not been able to fulfill them, is it worth doing them for this year that begins?

The answer is a big and resounding YES!

  The beginning of a year is a great time to write a new chapter

When we were in school, each semester was a great opportunity to start from scratch: new teachers, new subjects, in short: a clean start that opened up a whole horizon of opportunities for us to achieve what we had not achieved in other semesters.

However, now that we are entrepreneurs, it is difficult to have these types of cuts, those moments in which we can make a “full stop” and start from scratch.

The New Year is important because it gives us this space, a moment in which we can evaluate a defined period of time, take what we did well and readjust the route to achieve what we did not achieve or even go further. These “new chapters” allow us to look forward.

If you are an entrepreneur, in the New Year you will not be starting from scratch; you will surely continue working on your project. This is a great time to shake off everything that held you back last year and start strong.

No matter how many times you have failed, you can always try again

So what if the last three (or 30) years you haven’t kept your New Years resolutions?

Have we not learned that one of the greatest lessons about entrepreneurship tells us that, no matter how much we fail, the important thing is to learn and get back on our feet?

It is key that this learning does not remain in the speech , but that we really live it every day. If we believe it, we can say at the top of our lungs: “It does not matter that I did not do it before, come with everything, 2022!”

We always have to aspire to improve ourselves.

  This is a key point that, in my opinion, every entrepreneur should tattoo in their DNA. We can always, ALWAYS take a step forward; We can (and should) always aim to go a little further.

Were there things you didn’t accomplish last year? Forget this! The year ended and we are in a new beginning where you can try again .

Did you have a great year? Cool! Now is the time to aim higher and give 110 percent.

Ok, you convinced me, but how do I go about achieving my purposes?

Now yes, I am ready to face this new year with everything I have. What do I do to avoid repeating the history of previous years?

As good entrepreneurs, we will not face New Year’s resolutions with our eyes closed and without the necessary tools, but we will formulate a plan and prepare to change our story this year.

These are some steps that I recommend so that you can fulfill your New Year’s resolutions:

  • Make a list. Writing them down on a list will make them tangible. We are not looking for Guajiro dreams, we want a plan of attack.
  • Check that list continually. It is useless to make a list and keep it between the pages of a book or all the way to the bottom of the cable drawer (we all have one); keep it in view to continually remind you of what you want to achieve.
  • Formulate achievable and measurable goals. “Exercise more”, “read a lot”, “win back my lost clients”; All of these, although very ambitious, are very general purposes that will be difficult to achieve and follow. I’m not saying don’t be ambitious, but don’t sabotage yourself either.

Make “smart resolutions”

  a) That you can measure continuously . I recommend goals in short terms (for example, per week).

Read more vs read 10 pages of a book every day before 9am.

b) That they grow gradually. Exercising more vs:

Month 1: Get 10 minutes of exercise 3 days a week.

Month 2: Get 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week.

Month 3: Get 40 minutes of exercise four days a week.

b) Define concrete actions. Get back all my lost clients vs:

January: Call the top 10 clients I lost in 2021

February: Send an email to the following 20 clients …

Commit to someone else to fulfill them

There is no better pressure to achieve something than to commit to someone else to do it, so don’t keep your New Year’s resolutions to yourself; Make a pact with someone else to support each other. Another option is to post your purposes on social networks and continually post your progress; You will see that there are many people who will support you, and you will not want to make them look bad.

To give it with all!

At the end of the day (or the year, in this case), there will always be cynics and negative people who want to demotivate you; but the decision is up to you. This year is a new beginning, and you decide what you will do with it.

Will you seize the opportunity or will you believe those who say you can’t?

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