Eat healthy: 5 easy tips to avoid gaining weight on September 16

We are in the national month and with it a varied offer of typical culinary dishes of our country, which make the celebrations for the Independence of Mexico a feast of flavor. The gastronomic delights that our culture has are many and the cravings they cause could cause excesses in food and alcohol, causing an increase in calorie intake, which could lead you to gain a few extra kilos .


¡Ya huele a pozoliza!

According to the World Health Organization, overweight and obesity are the consequence of an energy imbalance between the calories that are consumed and those that are expended, therefore, when eating in excess typical dishes in the national holidays – which in its Most contain a large amount of calories and fat – and not doing physical activity that eliminates their accumulation in the body, you run the risk of gaining weight .

Eat healthy: 5 easy tips to avoid gaining weight on September 16

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To be able to celebrate these dates in a healthy way and without regrets, we share 5 tips that are sure to help you celebrate and give the shout out in a big way:

1. Substitute ingredients: Fish and chicken are proteins that contain a lower portion of fat than other meats, choosing one of them to incorporate into typical dishes such as pozole or enchiladas, could reduce the amount of caloric intake and also provide a delicious flavor to the recipe.

2. Serve in small portions: Tasting each dish is one of the wishes of most of the national holidays. Such is this anxiety that sometimes we take everything on the table, without finishing it. Serve a little of each portion and stop when feeling satisfied, is a recommendation suggested by specialists to enjoy the celebration with measure.

3. Reduce sugar and fat in each dessert: Desserts are a fundamental part of the culinary traditions of the national month and in order not to leave them out, it is best to prepare them with reduced-fat options, such as milk in custards. or puddings, and use natural substitutes for sugar, such as the stevia plant or even honey, which will add a unique flavor to each dish.

4. Reduce alcohol consumption: Tequila or mezcal are drinks that cannot be missed to toast the pride of being Mexican, but a couple of drinks is more than enough. Alcohol in excessive amounts inhibits the oxidation of fats, which prevents the fat from being used as energy by making
that more of it accumulates instead of taking advantage of the existing one as energy, therefore, causing weight gain.

Eat healthy: 5 easy tips to avoid gaining weight on September 16

Image: Depositphotos.com

5. Do not have periods of fasting: Long periods without food, especially after consuming dishes high in fat and carbohydrates, can be harmful to health, causing conditions such as gastritis, since, by not receiving food, gastric juices constantly irritate the stomach.

Continuing with healthy habits regardless of the dates, helps maintain physical and mental health in optimal condition. It is not necessary to go to a gym to exercise, you can take advantage of the after-dinner to go for a walk, take a walk with the pets, dance and play with the little ones in the family to carry out activities that not only keep fit, they help clear up. and enjoy the holidays even more.

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Finally, it is always good to go to the general practitioner to provide a proper diagnosis of our state of health and recommend the necessary actions that allow us to celebrate without remorse.

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