Facebook will invest 50 million dollars to build its ‘metaverse’

And the ‘metaverse’ is really serious , recently Facebook reported that it will invest 50 million in programs and external research that will help them in the task of developing this space.

Through the XR Research and Programs Fund, Mark Zuckerberg’s company seeks to collaborate with industry partners, civil rights groups, governments, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions with the goal of finding a way to build this technology. responsibly.

What is the ‘metaverse’ of Facebook?

The company describes it as a set of virtual spaces where people will have the opportunity to “create and explore” with each other even if they are not in the same physical space. How? Through augmented reality.

According to the statement, the success of the metaverse depends on the collaboration of several companies, the involvement of human rights and civil communities with the aim that it is developed in a responsible, inclusive and empowered way.

Likewise, the technology firm highlights that they are products that will be fully realized in 10 or 15 years.

Some of the organizations and institutions that are already collaborating with Facebook to develop this idea are: the Organization of American States; Africa No Filter; Electric South; Imisi3D; Women In Immersive Tech; Seoul National University; the University of Hong Kong; the Center for Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Law at the National University of Singapore School of Law; and Howard University.

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