Here’s Why Entrepreneurs Make The Best Marketers

The best marketers are those who know how to build a brand, scale it for rapid growth, and cultivate long-term success. They understand the essentials of marketing because they have lived it first hand. When I started my b2b agency at 23, I learned countless strategies in the process of becoming an entrepreneur and evolving as a business leader.

Whether or not you are a founder yourself, you need an entrepreneurial mindset to be a successful marketer. Here’s what I mean: entrepreneurs are compelled to take their message and mission further because they are wholly devoted to its success. An entrepreneurial mindset means being totally sold on your company’s mission and to be able to communicate it clearly. 

But, if you’re a marketer reading this, you may not have the rounded experience of an entrepreneur. That’s okay—you just need to adopt the mindset. Here is what an entrepreneur-driven marketing strategy looks like, and how you can implement it for yourself.

Be Single-Minded And Focus Your Core Message 

Kris Lindahl, a real estate expert and founder of The Marketing Team, an entrepreneur and author who was featured as The Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, has created a singularly focused mindset in his strategy. He takes an entrepreneurial approach when it comes to marketing by living and breathing his brand and the mission of his company. 

One of his catch phrases is, “confuse, you lose.” If you can’t keep your messaging clear and simple, you will lose customers. Single-mindedness is essential here because it keeps the marketing plan focused. When starting their companies, entrepreneurs spend an innumerable amount of hours honing the product, business model or service of the company. Because of this, their focus is clear on the core of who they are and what they do.

Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, you should start with a single focus when it comes to marketing. Make sure that your company’s core message is clearly defined. Whether you are working for a client or for your own company, put in the time on the front end to make sure that you (and every other stakeholder involved) understand the core principles and motivations driving the business.

Make Your Marketing Strategy Personable

Entrepreneurs early in the journey of owning their businesses tend to wear many hats and fulfill many roles within their companies. While the goal is always to grow and build a well-rounded team, there’s a deeper lesson here. Make sure your marketing strategy is all encompassing. Think of it this way: an entrepreneur is so consumed with the mission of their company that it is infused in everything they do. The brand or company is brought into networking conversations, personal exchanges, and more. 

An entrepreneur’s company is usually an extension of their value system. This in mind, interactions with the company are infused with the entrepreneur’s personality. Your marketing strategy should be the same. Make sure that your interactions with potential and existing customers are infused with the personality of your brand.

Lindahl does this by maintaining a distinctive presence online, in public, and even through larger media. He is the face of his brand, and its message centers around his voice. Even if your company is not driven by a leader’s notoriety or brand image, you can craft a personality that informs how you communicate in marketing messages. 

Overall, entrepreneurs know the best marketing strategies because they know their brand message and motivation inside and out. Successful marketing is driven by a clear mission, and a set of core values that customers can understand. Whether you are building a business, or working for a large company, you need an entrepreneur’s mindset to drive a successful marketing strategy.

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