The 5 personal characteristics that companies look for when hiring

There are certain types of personal characteristics (identified through personality tests) that are more attractive to companies.

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As in any new interpersonal relationship, the selection process between a company and an applicant is an exchange of the greatest amount of information to know if both will be compatible and will be able to achieve particular objectives and together.

An essential part of this information exchange are the personal characteristics that the company ideally looks for in a candidate. Although many experts in the field will always recommend being as authentic as possible during a job interview, they do not deny that there are certain types of personal characteristics (identified through personality tests), which are more attractive to companies.

The recommendation will always be to try to be as authentic as possible, however, through an analysis that we did at SherlockHR , to more than 20 thousand active vacancies in Mexico, we were able to identify the five types of personal characteristics that companies seek the most to the hour to hire.

1. Be independent. Although it may seem strange, companies are looking for people who have enough independence to be self-managed without losing supervision and follow-up.

2. Be sociable. Depending a lot on the job profile, to a greater or lesser extent, companies seek that people can participate and interact effectively with their environment, team or work cell.

3. Be proactive. People in constant movement who focus their strengths for good job performance. They tend to take initiatives and perform actions focused on improving some aspect of the organization, instead of waiting for others to do so.

4. Be a leader. Mainly for job profiles that will delegate responsibilities. Leaders are required who know how to lead teams under different scenarios and contexts. Also, people who have the ability to transmit knowledge and experience.

5. Be a strategist. The companies look for a planning quota in the candidates, which allows them to analyze different scenarios and evaluate risks to minimize them. This characteristic is essential to achieve organizational objectives.

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