This Designer Shares What Our Childhood Can Teach Us About Building A Sustainable Brand

Spanish-born designer Inés Vieira launched her sustainable, fashion brand, Norte in 2018 following her move to Miami. Nostalgic for her upbringing in Galicia, she yearned for the days when time felt slow and meaningful. She recalls the very vivid memories and sartorial moments of her childhood: Women strolling through town in their ethereal silk dresses, her grandmother hanging freshly washed cotton blouses on the clothing line, and Vieira and her friends running around in their organic poplin skirts collecting figs for lunch. The clothing of her childhood represented the material manifestation of her slower life in Spain.

It’s not uncommon for the fashion of a particular culture to match the pace of its society. In Galicia, time stood still. In this spirit, clothes were made in small batches and hand-made by local artisans, sometimes using fibers and natural dyes that took a little extra time. But in a culture that valued quality above all else, time didn’t matter much.

As Vieira moved to the States and settled into a faster pace of life, she was engulfed by a world saturated with trends and fast fashion, realizing how simple pleasures are overlooked in a culture where success is measured by excess. As a way to slow down and reorient herself back to her North, Vieira launched Norte, a slow fashion brand focused on quality and longevity, a nod to her simple childhood in Galicia. The designer’s collection of slowly-made, high-quality wardrobe essentials is grounded in sustainability. The brand uses only organic fabrics and launches in small quantities to avoid any unnecessary waste. The softer palette is inspired by Galicia’s natural hues and the fabrics are intentionally sourced to endure over time. Through her brand, Vieira reminds us that there is beauty to be found in simplicity, though if you happen to lose your way, you can always find your Norte.

The new collection will be available online in May.

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