IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021

to the entire IBD Live International Team from Minneapolis – Good Morning! Good morning Scott. Great song! Cheers John! dj hat last dj from harvard Cheers bud Great music! Hi from London. πŸ™‚ Thank you! Long Train Runnin’, The Doobie Brothers! G’day gang. Can you spend a minute telling us which stocks you see being driven by Squeeze Plays so we can know if we are getting caught up in an artificial price swing? A lil’ squeeze play is good for growth stocks. It helps turbocharge breakouts. But you don’t want that to be the only reason a stock rises. There should be strong fundaments/good “story” for the future. When you have stocks that have little or no value or prospects, a short squeeze might be fierce but short-lived. Great to see music streamed via $SPOT over a call held on $ZM on a $MSFT desktop. Own all πŸ™‚ I like that comment! Thanks Bruno. Good call!!! Thrice. Hat Man Hi GM Ashwani Great to hear a tune about the true basics……stay frosty, and thank you for the continuous guidance and education….Jeff Newman Thanks for this, Jeff! to Team – TWLO moving higher this morning on an upgrade Good to hear, thanks Scott “Irusha Does MS have a screen for current and past 3 week tights, similar to RSblue dot?” Click on the orange Open Stock Ideas and scroll down to the bottom of the Correction tab and you’ll Tight Areas on Growth 250 stocks. The Doobies…. Oh yes Good Morning! Good morning, everyone! Make sure to check out our FAQ page at for lots of helpful info about our trading strategies! CRSR small move post earnings live answered Good, morning, I think I’ll check out the FAQ page while listening to the tunes Awesome! πŸ™‚ did i just wake up in a masters class in rythym guitar? cool A little something for everyone. LOGI just keeps going up, dont jinx it for me, but might want to take a look. absolutely, thanks Robert, will do “Is the current Follow-Through Day date published anywhere for reference? I couldn’t find it on your various websites. I understand the whole concept; just wanted to confirm the date. November 4, 2020? Thanks for EveryThing IBD.” The big FTD was on April 6. The latest FTD was on the Dow on Nov. 4. Link to the story here — Good morning! Music to my ears! lol Yes!!! Is the Doobie Bros a reference to the pop in CNBS yesterday which I have in my portfolio? lol Long Train Runnin Can you advise on LI has been lagging for weeks now Just taking a breather and building a new base. Nio has a much better looking chart IMO GM David…its my first time ..from Calgary First time! Welcome! Hope this is the beginning of some profitable learning for you. Can we get a link or method to get to the Swing Trader watch list again please? go to and under “watch the full SwingTrader FAQ video” you’ll see a link that says “Swing Trader Watch List” I’m loving the SwingTrader watchlist. We’re glad you like it! Can you look at XPEL? At top of buy zone after first test of 10-week line. Close to being extended but not quite. Good morning, thoughts on JAZZ. Thanks. Wild action last week on acquisition news, but weekly chart looks OK despite middling RS Rating. Looks like it’s back in a buy zone to me. Good Morning/Evening from Kazakhstan! Welcome, Tony! scott shop holy cow Great action; we’ll look! Tunes bring back memories of the Phila. Spectrum back in the mid 70’s. Thanks! I like that anecdote! Thanks Wayne; Hat Man Is there a single place to find all that particular day’s articles so they are more readily accessible? I seem to miss so many, e.g. those you refer to as about to be published? on you’ll see a “recent news” section that’s essentially a feed of all our new posts! Hey…it’s Black History Month and Mary Wilson of the Supremes died yesterday….FYI re: your choice of morning songs… Love the Supremes! (From Hat Man: Yes, heard that news on the radio this a.m., and I am thinking of playing some great Supremes music next Tue. . . . ) Good Choice Of Music !!! Keep that theme !!!! Cheers Stephen! How is pdd looking live answered Good morning Team IBD from Sunny South Florida! Morning Brian! “Good Morning… Great music…. My swimming music” Long swims are nice Doobie Brothers… good morning to everyone GM Owner! Chris, looks like CLF 1B senior note offering??? Yes. Still holding above the low of the reversal on 2/4. Please look at PLTK. Profitable IPO building 1st base. Early buy points? Don’t see one yet. Let’s see how the right side of the cup base plays out. Morning. Are David, Chris and Ken all seated side by side? We’re all in the office, yes. greetings from germany :o) Hey Andreas Good Morning Team πŸ™‚ GM Fuz Good morning! Wondering if MGNI qualifys as an ascending base? Thanks. definitely can see the three pullbacks on the weekly chart. Has the look minimum time frame for ascending base is 9 weeks. This base is 8 weeks. Obviously has worked nicely though. good morning. Please can you look at FLEX ON and APPF Hi Neil, thanks for the stocks; APPF is interesting w/ a great Q3 results; I assume they made a huge acquisition to boost profits in 2020? I wonder why the 2021 eps estimate calls for such a big drop and how the Street is discounting it. FLEX acting great. ON also strong; From a breakout past 23.22, or handle at 26.94, really nice gains; consider taking some profits near 40; The latest pullback has a V-like shape, that would be a flawed base. Cheers, Hat Man Dave Good morning from Chicago. Happy Tuesday. Morning Peter. Still cold in Chicago. Brrrrrrr. what was the reason for removing FUTU from IBD 50? my best trade ever The IBD 50 is an algorithm-based list, so our team isn’t picking stocks to add/remove. It doesn’t mean FUTU is “bad” β€” perhaps another stock with even better metrics bumped it out QFIN sell profits or wait? live answered MGNI please It’s made such a big run. Too late to buy, according to our rules. GTRX? GRTX? Highly speculative biotech, no sales; that said, it’s basing. I don’t see a breakout yet. Hat Man Dave “Good morning! I’m sure Bitcoin will come up. Thoughts on GBTC and RIOT. What to do… what to do… (Thanks Elon!)” If you own both with a nice profit, congrats. But GBTC and RIOT are not buyable now. Too extended after bounces off 10-week line. GM. Can you comment on a stock like AAPL on when the handle would end and be starting another base? Is there a time limit of when a handle would end? AAPL is two weeks and one day into a possible new base. But latest high of 145.09 looks like a legitimate pivot, too. What’s Scott doing with SHLS? nothing πŸ™‚ as long as I am up on it “Good Morning everyone! QFIN is breaking out, is this a good area to add?” live answered Does EXPI look like climax action? Seems to have that feel right now Good morning. Morning Taher! Ali, I really enjoyed your interviews yesterday. Great value ad! Also LOVED seeing you in the commercial and LOVE the IBD LIVE commercial too! πŸ™‚ Why thank you, Shari! So glad you enjoyed! And yes we shot that commercial not too long before the quarantine started. Feels like ages ago now! Thank you so much for watching, looking forward to sharing some details from the CMG interview during today’s show πŸ™‚ Good Morning! I would like to get your take on FSLR and SEDG “FSLR: testing 10-week line after several tests already. Would like to see it form a new base. SEDG looks better. Doesn’t look nearly as extended as FSLR.” Good morning! Thoughts on CRSR and their earnings? live answered CLF getting crushed Hey Jeff; let’s see if Cleveland Cliffs gets support at the 50-day line. It would also be disappointing if CLF gives back all of its year-to-date gains. Good morning! Love the Doobies!! Awesome! Are you all hedged? Lu, I have some cash and may use some put options to hedge some individual positions. Hat Man VFF-Village Farms a pot play. Thoughts? Wow, nice move the past few weeks! Hat Man, you mention NK a few times, owned by the richest guy in LA. The stock has been on fire yet has no Mutual fund sponsorship, is that a red flag? Hey there; yeah, Soon-Shiong hit it big with American Pharmaceuticals, and so I had been watching NK much earlier. The latest move is really nice, but I have no idea about their tech; it just seems a lot of hot money has gone into a bunch of small biotechs? It’s extended from a a deep cup at 15.80 for sure. I would not chase at this point. Cheers, Dave IIVI had a nice EPS report Acting well Kyle Good morning from Monaco! With IBD’s ETF strategy (100% invested during a confirmed uptrend, and 50% invested when the uptrend is under pressure), what is a good way to taper down exposure in this extended market (low put/call ratio, high bullish sentiment, Nasdaq 8% above 50SMA, CNN Fear & Greed on the way to a double top above 80% like in Feb 2020) in anticipation of an uptrend under pressure/market in correction? Hi Raymond, thank you very much for joining us! Well, The Big Picture column is the best source of knowing when we make major decisions on the market trend (green light market in confirmed uptrend; yellow light uptrend under pressure, red light market in correction). We don’t make many calls to market in correction, but we’ve hit the major tops in particular since March 2000; so, I personally would make decisions for big money decisions based on these key changes. IBD Live is trying to add more color to the portrait of the market, if you will. Cheers, Hat Man Dave What was potash symbol Dave? IPI I finally got a full position in FUTU-Thoughts? Too extended Great job! Wow, 150 is a key round number, don’t you think? 309% above the 200-day MA, that’s def extended. “Could Chris take a look at TBIO? What to do? Thanks y’all…good morning!” live answered Yesterday Ken mentioned looking at Take Two Interactive today after earnings reported yesterday. live answered Great job, David! Thanks so much! MSTR up 235. Is it just bitcoin? I think so. YALA, AVNW, TWLO All IBD live winners for me Awesome, way to go Daniel!! SCPL …. wow! live answered good morning IBD Live from NYC GM Jeff why do you guys use the TD Ameritrade screen instead of marketsmith? Think or Swim has candlestick charts, offers different perspective. I’m not personally a big fan of candlesticks, but it’s nice to look at action in different ways. AI-Good job Scott live answered I bought CLF yesterday – selling off today – is there any news? live answered I am on news home page at but I dont see the “recent news” section scroll down below the stocks on the move section QFIN on FIRE! live answered CLF is very active dropping 9%. Is this a Robin Hood Play? Stock and debt offering. A lot of the stock sold is from an existing holder ArcelorMittal. What time do you live in the morning? We start the music at 6:15am PT, show at 6:20am did they just say the nasdaq finished yesterday up 8% above the 50 day line? if so, why does it say 6.4% above 50 day on my marketsmith QQQ chart when i hover over the blue line on the daily chart? QQQ tracks the Nasdaq 100, rather than the Nasdaq Composite where is Charles? Wasn’t he supposed to be on today Wednesday! Does the fact that we have never in the history of the market been in the situation of bringing the economy back from disaster by conquering a pandemic with vaccines, mean that the market could well set a record of going higher before the pull back? This is a really good question and definitely the type of thing we address in The Big Picture column. The team may address your points in detail but in the meantime, here’s a link to our daily Big Pic articles: Can you repeat the name of the company that is going to be part of the SP500? MPWR Can you discuss QFIN. Nice breakout today. live answered what is the real risk of buying Chinese stocks? Regulatory risk (Beijing can suddenly hammer companies), accounting risk (greater in smaller companies), there’s a long-term delisting risk from the U.S. Also, it’s hard to “know” what a foreign company does. You might understand what Snap or Microsoft are, but what makes BILI or FUTU really tick. I left some in FUTU, letting it run, and now up 159%. Have set a larger stop since have a good cushion, which has kept me in it. Thanks for your guidance. Congrats. Well done! Morning! whats the diffenrence between Leaderboard and Swingtrader? I am a rookie trader and which one is better for me, thanks. “Leaderboard focuses on traditional IBD buy points and will hold winning stocks for extended periods. SwingTrader helps you take advantage of short-term trends by applying the rules of IBD’s CAN SLIM investing system in a swing trading environment. Check out the “IBD Premium Products” section of the IBD Live FAQ page for more:” to Ali – can you close the right panel, if you are not using it; thanks! Dave is running the show today! πŸ™‚ Why? Why don’t we have the earnings line on Marketsmith? Exclusive to Panaray, our institutional charting product Thanks for QFIN the other day because I made my way in at $18.82 Great! Sometimes its info overload. What are the top 3-5 places to look for your next stock purchase? IBD Live, MarketSmith Growth 250, IBD 50 πŸ™‚ Is there a known issue with Leaderboard charts? When I left click and hold, it does not show the price arrow thing I just tested on my computer and it’s working β€” maybe try clearing your cache and restarting your browser, or trying a different browser? Where I can find the ready list? Not seeing it in Marketsmith. Thx. Go to the IBD Live FAQ page and search for “ready” – answer is there! U guys pointed out ozon and it has made a huge run but I haven’t seen any IBD articles on it what do u think of it at this level Could take some profits here if you own it, or could see if it reverses lower and undercuts yesterday’s low ARK funds buying DKNG yes, we covered this last week! πŸ™‚ what is the ticker you use for the nasdaq composite? 0NDQC? yes Could one person explain what you are doing We are showing why APPS is showing extended/climactic action β€” meaning for those who own it, they should take some profits how does one find the panel that Dave used on APPS to show tthe k% high from moving averages? thanks It’s clicking down with your cursor while in “track price” mode in MarketSmith Thoughts on POSH! Profitable IPO, which is nice. But it hasn’t quite even broken its post-debut downtrend. I like to see it rise some and then pause to offer an early entry. APPS – Just looking back at how I missed this one, it was on my list but it broke before I acted. APPS didn’t form a good base so where was the pivot point? A pullback to the 10-week or 21-day Why in Leaderboard, addition of alerts on 21 day line has disappeared? BTW, that seems never added on the Mobile App of Leaderboard. It’d be great to able to add alerts on 21 day line from both PC and from the App. Making a note of this, will inquire with our product team What moving averages are used by IBD on the daily chart, please, 10 days and? 10-day, 21-day, 50-day, 200-day PLTR-Thoughts? making a rebound Hard to do anything with it right now. Flashed a sell signal from 33.60 buy point, then quickly rallied and is now 10% above entry. “CRSR If you bought at the open right after the 5 minute open and bought at $47 would you be selling here or wait to see if the stock is going to turn around?” Personally, I would be waiting to see a turnaround. CRSR is a volatile stock with a bunch of intraday swings, so it’s not doing anything “wrong” yet. If it got down 7%-8% from my purchase price I would get out – because CRSR certainly could fall a lot more than that. Everybody’s risk tolerance and trading strategy is different. The panel might have a different take. Comments on GRWG? Buyable last week in early stages of bounce off 10-week line, but too extended now. Can’t chase it up here. Great stock APPS Monster stock but can’t do anything with it up here. Gapped up today after already being very extended. Some would argue it’s showing climax action, which raises the likelihood of a pullback. any thoughts on ABNB acting well but not buyable after five straight weekly gains and another one taking shape this week. On my watch list but would rather buy on pullback Today’s episode feels like it is targeting a very specific group of people IBD Live is trying to impress. Just my observation, but we just spent a ton of time on APPS Important to provide a lesson on what to do with a climactic stock β€” seeing more of them lately, not just APPS! AI on move ….. yes indeed, 160.53 entry DDOG breaking out Already broke out last week but hitting new highs. Earnings in two days… Did anyone talk about NVDA, did it pass early buy pt.? We talked about it a lot on Monday. It was the Stock Of The Day Monday. 560.07 is an early entry, with the official flat base buy point of 587.76 not far away. Glad you’re spending a good amount of time on APPS. I have been accumulating this stock for months and woke up thinking I need to figure out what to do with it this week. Probably selling a chunk now would be the smart thing. I hope you’ll revisit before the end of the show Glad to hear this, Catherine! Could we look at VEEV ? Peeked above handle/early entry of 297.60 on Friday. Edging toward 314.09 entry (not sure which one would be considered “official”). is there a list of funds and IBD rankings on the IBD site check out for a list of our favorite funds I think one of the poll questions should be what viewers do to avoid getting in trouble watching IBD Live consistently from 9:15am to ~11am ET while at work….. we won’t tell anyone… Is it safe to assume that the mutual fund list on IBD Live Q&A does not change that often – I printed it out and taped it to my wall. Correct! Can you address CRSR? Beat on earnings and sales, but dropping today. Potential shakeout, or something more to this? It was a strong quarter. After 5 straight up sesssions, sellers in the stock today but not a broken chart by any means. Let’s see if it can close in upper half of range today. It’s great that you point out the different parts of the MS Chart. I have been using it for about 8 months and learn something new or get reminded about something I forgot about each time you do it! Great job!! Awesome!! What advice do you have for someone who has read Bill’s book, subscribed to IBD live and digital, plus marketsmith. I love this environment for live learning – where do I go next to learn more? Level 2 online courses or? Thank you Welcome, Shane! You can definnitely check out our online courses if you’d like to dig deeper from an educational standpoint! We try to infuse this show with a lot of education as well! Thanks, Ali !!!!! I have been with IBD/Marketsmith over 10 years and I really enjoyed you going over the basics for the new subscribers. A review for all of us is a good thing πŸ™‚ Thanks!!!! So great to hear this, Lane! Who is Scott’s guru again!!? πŸ˜€ Our founder, William J. O’Neil who is the person he is talking about for fidelity contra fund.. and what is the podcast called? Thank you William Danoff “Can we look at TSLA and ZM and SHOP? Also CNBC had a segment explaning that the market cap of TSLA is so large that it would be difficult for any other company to move the S&p. Can you elaborate on that point? And if true if TSLA was to roll over so would the S&P?” Tesla has the fifth largest market cap – but it’s less than Apple/MSFT/AMZN/GOOGL. So, while Tesla can definitely have an impact on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, others can too! Apple is not only much-bigger, it also has the iPhone ecosystem of chips/suppliers such as QCOM/QRVO/AVGO/SWKS etc. If TSLA did roll over, it could spur wider selling if that move is seen as more caution toward highly valued growth stocks. How do you keep track of if the funds on that panel are adding or selling? Hard to remember all of their positions? It’s why we recommend owning no more than 8-10 stocks at a time β€” don’t want to spread yourself too thin! “Scott, why are you looking to buy Rubric on IPO? I read the Gardner Report, they do not seem to have the “undisputed better mousetrap”” Tongue in cheek when I said that, my son plays the game all the time so we talked about it previously Scott, Where do you find Fidelity funds buying stocks? MarketSmith has it, but also Fidelity website Scott: do you set automatic stops or do you stare at your stocks the whole day? Companies like AI move fast:) I do not enter stops, since I am at desk, but if I travel (pre- COVID) then I put stops but I want to allow the stocks “room to breathe” NLS is looking good for a break of 27.55. Thoughts? agree, daily chart shows cup with handle base. Weekly, not so much. I prefer handle in weekly, too Love all the Bill stories me too πŸ™‚ What do you think of 908 Devices Inc (MASS)? It looks like a new IPO with great sponsorship in buy zone. Classic breakout from IPO base with 74.10 buy point. Hold on to your hat, though. Prone to volatile price swings. Love Scott’s wisdom . Keep it flowing .1) Game of imperfect info 2) there are no perfect stocks. I will frame this in front of my trade desk πŸ™‚ I really enjoy Ed’s comments in Q&A answers (for TSLA, for example). Thank you, Ed. Thanks! I am new to Swingtrader. How do I get to the Ready and Watchlist on ThinkorSwim platform? I have assess to the platform. Try this: Thoughts on NET. I have a 13% profit margin going into earnings in 2 days… That’s a big enough cushion to hold. Nice breakout Tuesday. Good follow through today! What are your thoughts on RIOT. Thanks! Bitcoin goes up, RIOT goes up. What are your thoughts on DBX? Thanks! Tried to break out Tuesday but gains faded. Earnings next week. After a few quarters of decelerating sales growth, would be good to growth to accelerate this quarter (Up at least 15%) Can u explain what is shelf like Check out our explainer on this linked over at πŸ™‚ Is Charles going to be in today ? Wednesday Charles will be on the full show. Do you use alerts vs. stop loss vs. trailing stop loss $ % We lean on alerts a lot, because we like analyzing the chart action before selling. Check out for more details on our sell rules! “ Dec 16, 2020.” Thanks Glenn! Can we look at ZM, yesterday it was said that Softbank is out of ZM, is this a positive or negative? ZM made a bullish move on Monday and is holding gains. The market doesn’t seem to concerned about the Softbank exit. ZM could face overhead supply issues (selling pressure) if it works its higher and forms the right side of a base. Additional Answer: It’s not good news when a big institutional investor sells a stock – esp. when it’s a well-known fund that might spur other investors to sell. But ZM is acting fairly well. ‘-SHOP- please! Really nice action – extended now. Scott, great stuff this morning, Brother. Appreciate your input! TY πŸ™‚ WKHS – the sell utility trucks for businesses Thanks. I need to read up on Workhorse too! I was able to look at how far above the 10 21 and 50 Day moving averages a stock price was but lost that ability. How do it get it back. Thanks. May need to clear cache and restart your browser or try a different browser Enjoying my Tesla model 3 I had delivered couple of weeks ago! Awesome! LMND breaking out? Trying to rebound from 21-day line. Lmnd Candidate for first test of 10-week line. A test and bounce off the line would put the stock in a new buy zone. CRSP trades very tight at 50D MA. any thoughts? Looks interesting, I agree. Still testing, though. Would like to see a nice bounce. EXPI did you get to this yet? We will. Is there an amount from the 21-day moving average that signals a little too far extended (e.g. 40%, 50%, 60%, etc.)? EXPI is very extended at this point, 45% above its 21-day line and nearly 100% above its 50-day. Additional Answer: Typically 10% above the 21-day EMA or any of the moving averages signals that the stock is extended from that potential alternate entry. What makes a stock too thin to discuss on IBD Live? We generally target stocks with average daily dollar volumes of least $25 million. GM, what is your opinions on TTD? Finding support at 50-day line, might be forming a handle. Breakout here would be actionable – but earnings aren’t far away. Can someone give me insight on the best time to sell for earnings? I always do well just before and experience an amazing earnings and then get destroyed when the market opens 😞 If you don’t have a profit of at least 5-10%, we’d consider selling before the report. If you do have a cushion, you could sell half and hold half, or hold all. If you decide to hold your entire position, be prepared to act if the stock moves against you and triggers sell signals Hi Ed, on WKHS, I think of the vehicles used for delivery company’s (UPS, USPS, etc.) for last mile deliveries. yep. Short-range delivery vans/vehicles make a lot of sense for EVs – especially for fleet owners. WKHS, GM, Ford and Rivian are going to be in big players in this field – really leveraging their platforms. I heard that! Ha! πŸ™‚ Also David Ryan Yes of course! πŸ™‚ ZI. Is it a good add here. Thank you. Little extended here, but holding relatively tight. Alissa…you are a special host πŸ™‚ Aw thank you Marty!!! Ali, can you call the poll results a tie and talk about both ? We’ll definitely cover this at some point soon, whether it be in another poll or on our own! David Ryan, is he coming back on again? Probably within a few weeks. We’ll let you know when we’re sure. ‘@chris or ED IIVI Not too extended, stop yesterday’s low what do you think? Looks good. My only concern is the market. Are these IBD live sessions archived for later viewing? This is my first session. It’s been excellent! Thanks for joining us, Kevin. And thanks for the nice comment. With tax time approaching, does IBD have somewhere to go to learn about how to DIY tax returns? If not, can you guys take a week and do maybe a two minute tax corner section each day to cover things like what forms/schedules you need, long term capital gains versus short term same as income, how to claim gains/losses/wash sales, mark-to-market and what that means? Making a note of this Debbie β€” thanks for the suggestion! Is it unusual to have multiple different brokerage accounts? I have 3 and often ask why I need so many. Usually the reason is the various IRAs. I wouldn’t trade 2 margin accounts unless I was trading two vastly different strategies that I would want to keep separate. where do you hold margin accounts? interactive brokers?.fidelity 6.5% vs 2.5. ameritrade? interactive brokers is not user friendly for non professinals. Mine is TDA using the ThinkOrSwim platform. Tried IB but did not like the platform. ZI and FTCH today Like how ZI is holding gains after strong 5-session move. FTCH also getting some support. Thanks Alissa, I am new here but, I see you tend to be focused on the understanding of the customer to what is being said. Thank you. We’re doing our best to do that! Thanks so much for your feedback! πŸ™‚ why TD ameritrade Typically very good fills. but if a stock is winning big, don’t you want to take profits and find another winner? Depends on whether you have conviction in the stock – do you think a strong stock has the chance to be a HUGE winner … or is a hot stock of the moment. No easy answer on that. Any tips on when to take profit when your stock is in blue sky territory? Check out our sell rules over at πŸ™‚ is Meli doing anything wrong. sat out and went down last 6 days. MELI looks fine, consolidating at/above 10-day/21-day lines after finding support at 10-week line a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it’ll form another base and set up another buy point. The RS line is still near record highs. if you recommend only about 8 positions and you hold on for a longer time, there isn’t a whole lot of trading that’s going to happen, right? Depends on what type of trader you are β€” also, important to follow rules, like selling when down 7-8%, taking profits when up 20-25%, selling with a close below the 10-week line, etc. Ali great timing on today’s question I was just working on how to get more buying power when the question came up today Great! πŸ™‚ What are your thoughts on ZM breaking above downtrend/ We like it. We put the stock on SwingTrader. “I need to learn and hang in more Bought APPS @ $9.54 sold @$24.20 Bought NVAX @17.61. sold @ $44-49 DOCU. Bought @100 sold @141 rebought @ $167 sold @$190″ some nice profits there. Well done! I’m trying to sort the swing trader watch list by daily $ volume. Is there a column for that? Yes. You can add that in MarketSmith. All my stock lists have dollar volume. AMD??? Trying to reclaim 50-day line. Still needs to prove itself more. Scott, is a Coverdale like a 529? More like an IRA whereas 529 is basically mutual fund. Both are education focused. Coverdell has some limits for sure. Here’s a 529 explainer – scroll down for comparison to Coverdell – ADBE seems to be moving above a trendline at $493 would be great to see it punch through its recent high of 506.92. 500 still a potential resistance level to watch. Ali, does MCD still own a significant part of CMG? I don’t think so. Any comments on AAPL as it is close to a proper buy point of $138.08? chart still looks fine to me! Guys. Please comment on Microstrategy. It’s been stratospheric!!! Microstrategy. Bitcoin up, MSTR up. they’ve been one of the biggest buyers of bitcoin! After a sell signal, why not just buy the stock back, when it starts to break out again? I think what happens is we forget to watch these true winners when they start to rise again. Is there a screen for this? I need an assistant to keep an eye on my past sells, because I have missed many on the come back, namely DOCU. Good point here, Robert! Very cool, Ally! Thanks, Roger! Didn’t know you guys ate so healthily! Who amongst are you have the healthiest diet? I am guessing Chris πŸ™‚ For sure not me! Ha! Full size = how many shares? If you have 10 stocks in your portfolio, a full position would be 10% CHGG sold off after strong earnings Yeah that reversal isn’t pretty WHAT IS A VERTICAL VIOLATION (SORY FOR ALL CAPS, EASIER TO TYPE THIS WAY) Here’s an article I wrote. Hope this helps. Make sure to check out our FAQ page at for answers to more questions like this! What do you guys think of $F? thanks Ford and GM have been acting well. They broke out, pulled back to their 21-day lines and rebounded to/near highs. Ford has earnings out of the way while GM’s are looming. “Where do you put trailing stops on your profitable stocks or do you use them or alerts? hoe to protect your winners?” We look at how it acts around its moving averages. For a big winner, a key sell signal is a decisive close below the 10-week line. Can you review brokerage account pros vs cons one day? TDA (think or swim) vs Fidelity (Active Trader Pro) vs IAB? Thx Check out our Best Online Brokers special report! NLS anyone? handle on daily chart shows 27.65 buy point. I always like to see handles on daily and weekly. NLS weekly charts shows five straight up weeks and another taking shape this week. Good morning ….could you take a look at UPST Just keeps moving higher, hasn’t offered a buy point in quite a while. Wish I were in it! (From Dave — it remains on Leaderboard! Alissa. I knew as I was tying that question that you would have a quick link at the ready! Thank you! πŸ™‚ please comment quickly on OKTA, QRVO n ORCL OKTA right at the edge of a breakout. Good stock in a strong group. QRVO finding support at 50day line/near old buy point after earnings sell-off (shaking me out!). ORCL setting up but is RS line has been going nowhere. What a great team of IBD professional I have the pleasure to learn from this morning. All mornings….Have a great day folks. Thank you, Thomas! You too! where can I find recent IPO’s list in Marketsmith or in IBD? One place for some β€” in MarketSmith bottom panel on left side: Reports-> Stocks-> scroll down to see Top Rated IPOs Just a note: I get catering parts of the program to beginners. It’s necessary for your marketing and growth – and we want you around for a long time!!! BUT, it is very frustrating when it’s obvious that the viewer/questioner hasn’t even cracked the cover of “How to Make Money in Stocks” or who WON is. It’s like the rest of us have to wait while the book is “read” to them. I think that’s why you have been getting more folks commenting on that. Thanks! Going back to my hole… πŸ™‚ Appreciate it! Dave, 10-week MA on CHGG also above standard buy point. Nice eye Larry I got confused, could you clarify the selling attitude around the 10-day ema? you sell there? you reduce position? thank you as usual. K We don’t use the 10-day line much at all; it’s really about the 21-day exponential moving average. More here! Any thoughts on CLF? live answered “LMND: Please comment on retaking the 21 MA (3rd tries often work), BUT the Weekly reversals look ugly BUT 2 Weeks Tight, AND Enormous Prior Run “”Allows some weekly forgiveness” like Hansel Natural in 2006″ live answered (From Dave: wish we could have covered it, but Charles brought this to our attention on the show last year; hope he’ll discuss LMND!) What was Scott’s IPO he mentioned – SLAS? SHLS DONT FORGET PLTK PLEASE Nice breakout! where can we find swingtrade watch list? go to and it’s the second link under the introductory paragraph tilray up 50 percent now whoa! Hey Dave, great work today πŸ™‚
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