These 9 chiefs of staff counsel House Republicans’ unruliest conspiracy theorists and Biden tormenters

  • All of their bosses voted on January 6 to overturn the presidential election results.
  • The group of GOP chiefs of staffs includes trial lawyers, gun advocates, and college buddies.
  • “These people are drinking the Kool-Aid,” a former GOP aide told Insider.
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Much has been made in recent years about needing “adults in the room” to stop mercurial pols from wreaking havoc on the federal government.

None of that matters if the supposedly moderating influence wholeheartedly agrees with their rabble-rousing boss. 

A cadre of House Republicans, ranging from newcomer Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia to grizzled veteran Louie Gohmert of Texas, have been battling for the disruptor-in-chief mantle since twice-impeached former President Donald Trump decamped to Florida to plan his revenge tour. 

The avid agitators bounce from endless cultural skirmishes — including bogus reports about government-sponsored book promotions and Biden banning burgers —  to broadsides against their own leadership. The top-tier personnel who could maybe rein them in are totally on board, a former senior GOP aide said. 

“These people are drinking the Kool-Aid,” the Republican ex-chief of staff told Insider, adding that there’s no Stockholm Syndrome happening — even in “rogue” Republicans’ offices. “They align with that philosophy.” 

Here are nine chiefs of staff whose brand is to create a crisis. In a textbook example of adhering to the never-outshine-the-boss ethos, none of them responded to repeated requests by Insider for comment about their jobs.

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