40 of the Best Vibrators You Can Buy

Intensely horny? There are about a thousand reasons you might be (or at least, more than a dozen reasons masturbation is good for you). Masturbation can not only help you destress (a release we could all use right now) but can also boost your mood and potentially help you fall asleep faster. It can also increase your libido, make period cramps feel better, and let’s be honest, masturbation is basically a workout.

Although fingers are an excellent sex toy, many of us turn to vibrators for our masturbation needs. “Rocking your hips, arching your back, grinding against your toy,” whatever you do, sex educator Luna Matatas says to “give it” to your vibrator rather than using your vibe to “give it to you.” But to really get into it, you have to have the right vibrator for you. The best vibrators come in a number of different styles, with more or less powerful motors, and come in materials ranging from hard metal to soft silicone.

If you’re looking to expand your collection from that tiny bullet vibe you picked up at Spencer’s years ago, or if you’re a sex toy novice, you may be unsure how to navigate the many, many options. We tapped a group of sex experts to get their read on the best vibrators for people with vulvas, whether you’re using them solo or with a partner. Here, some of the best expert-recommended sex toys to use on a vulva or in a vagina.

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