A Push-Up Workout for Your Whole Upper Body

Welcome to Week 3 of the SELF Spring Reset Challenge! Let’s kick things off with a push-up workout. You’re more than halfway there, so make sure you take some time to celebrate yourself for committing to these weeks of movement. High five!

Week 3 of this challenge will put your body and mind to the test with a series of strength training workouts. We’re kicking it off today with a routine focused on building upper-body strength, giving your legs and lower body a well-deserved day off.

In today’s extra credit, you’ll revisit the push-up AMRAP that you did on Day 1. When you do the reps, challenge yourself! See how many more you can squeeze in, and compare that to where you started (remember how we asked you to write down your reps?). 

No matter where you are, don’t be discouraged. Every body is different and every day is different. Remember that sleep, hydration, stress levels, and food can all play a factor in your workout performance. It can take a significant amount of time to build push-up strength, and that’s because it requires the use of several of major muscle groups, like your pec muscles, your shoulders, and your triceps, SELF previously explained. All of that is to say: If you squeeze in one or two extra reps, that’s a huge achievement! And you should be psyched!

If you’re up for it, test your limits. Make sure you do a warm-up first, then dive in to today’s push-up workout below.

The workout below is for Day 15 of the SELF Spring Reset Challenge. Check out the full month of workouts right here. Or go to the workout calendar here. If you haven’t signed up to receive daily emails, do that here.


Do each move below for your selected period of time. After all 5 moves, rest for 60 seconds. That’s 1 circuit. Repeat the circuit 3–5 times total. After your last circuit, try the optional extra credit.

  • Option 1: 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest
  • Option 2: 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest
  • Option 3: 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest


  • Push-Up
  • Bent Over Row
  • Triceps Dip
  • IYT Raise
  • Diamond Push-Up


Complete as many push-up reps as possible (AMRAP) in 90 seconds. Record your reps so you can track your progress. 

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