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My simple smart logic is to draw lines in order of investigating them. Your ta and numbers are not defined beyond boundaries of a line especially when you draw the same trend on different charts.

My simple smart logic for activity in crypto market is designed for my own expected lifestyle so i start researching and now i see 500X. Low energy is needed, no leverage …

The key for this chart is the yellow trend and now i see it as the last main bearish trend touching 0.00000000 sat :), timing might be a bit wrong but no attention is given to errorists

Market is bullish and bullish case on btc is ~65_66( least expected, first leg), we are not touching 30k again, lightweights as luna are generating tops and heavyweights (relying on eth) are bullish , tops will be available :)

Every trend carry decision making points or a pattern representative of sentiment, as you might know how i was dealing with xrp you will know better if i say the main movement is bearish from the beginning till some weeks ago, yes i do

On xrp i see ath then all time low so tell me what do you think about distribution of a heavyweight as xrp, the main logic is applied on this chart, we have been on a bearish phase on bts for years, i see a massive triangle which had a bearish breakout and that’s the potential i tend to observe when i want to start investing, it’s long time ago but the sentiment on this chart is potentially so huge.

My tp as always is inside a range which is 22_26 k satoshi based on my own investigations applied on this chart.

Ok if I’m wrong about my 22k sat then all time low on this technology is not going to return all time high :) let’s forget about eth.d & btc .d and other explanation for this historical bull market.

now let’s try finding a tp on usdt pair

Price difference on chart is about 220X, 22k sat is the main tp
Btc top on my ta is ~230k, (high accuracy top detection depends on some other real time interrelationship).

So it’s obvious I’m a moon boy (22k sat * 230k) but i wanna try a more realistic method …

What if btc is going to move 1.5X from that current price till bts is 22k sat as you can measure the previous profit while it was going to moon, 1.5 *220X, the strength of this method is a real time control over the randomness and absolutely it will be more accurate.

About entry points and stop …. I say if you don’t get to die without being a daytrader then it really doesn’t matter to know if it’s 100 or 80 or 60 sat will be the dip but on btsusdt i saw a LOW equal to btc gap at ~34, i say it might touch it again but i don’t think we will go lower.

the cheapest way for maximizing profit is to sell on 22k sat independent from btc price, this is my standard smart take profit, very accurate, very good

Sharpen your knife …

Disclaimer: this is not standard TA, this is under development, if there is a moment of silence for a trader i am experiencing it

Best wishes for you

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