AUTOMATED TRADING BOTS: How to profit with Tezos. for BINANCE:XTZUSDT by UltimateCryptoTrader

Tezos is one of the best token for our robot.

Our robot mainly uses the DCA (dollar cost averaging) trading method.

If the price drops, instead of the Stop loss order, we have a Buy limit order.

This will also cause the Take profit value to drop and approach the current price.

If the price falls and falls, the robot buys and buys. This keeps the Take Profit lower and lower.

After that, the price of the token rises and our trade ends with Take profit, which is not far from us thanks to constant and precisely predefined purchases.

The XTZ / USDT currency pair is suitable for our demonstration. You see very high volatility .

It is through volatility that our robot can be profitable. If the price still went in one direction without frequent fluctuations and without “waves”, the robot would earn very little.

We need great volatility for big profits.

Volatility in the TradingView platform will be helped by the Historical Volatility indicator.

This indicator often (on this time frame) intersects the value of 50.00, which is rarely affected for low-volatile currency pairs. For example, you would look for Bitcoin very bad around 50.00 on this time frame.

The key to our profitable trading bot is volatility! At a time of market colapse, when almost everyone is going through and positions in the Futures markets are being liquidated on a large scale, we are EXTREMLY profitable thanks to our robots.

Of course, it is very important that you know how big the position is and how often, or at what intervals it is necessary for the robot to buy more. In no case is every setting of the robot profitable, on the contrary, setting up a profitable robot is not easy.

You will learn how to set up a robot to be constantly profitable in our Academy.

PS: One of the best things about trading with robots is that you remove all emotions and decisions.

We wish you a nice day. UCT team.

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