BANKNIFTY levels for expirey day ❗❗ for NSE:BANKNIFTY by agasthya_d

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and optionchain data analysis for friday

Banknifty weekly pivot is at 37500

◽And monthly pivot is at 37300,

PUT side Open interest is decreasing possible reversal may occur caution ( intraday levels were explained below I hope that it will help a lot , do like ,share , follow for more … )

🛑 if we see day frame chart of BANKNIFTY currnetly trading above 21Day , 50 Day , 100 Day moving averages

🛑 Taking support at 21 DMA

🎯 Key levels to watch out for day trader

🛑 Major resistance zone for BankNifty is at 38050-38100 ( if see the option chain data on call 38000 CE strike holding more number for short position which will act as strong resistance area to bank Nifty )

◽ If market breakout resistance then we can see Target of 38300

◽ Whenever until breakout that resistance level don’t trade

◽ Stop loss will be 37950

◽If gap down or slight gap up happens then 37900 will be resistance zone

🛑 Major support level for BankNifty

Support level for nifty lies at 37400-37300 (in option chain data Put side strikes shorts position were exiting means OI is negative it means downside movement is possible in other words potential reversal is possible)

◽ Whenever until breakdown this level don’t take a trade

◽ if Market successfully breakdown this level then we can take a trade

◽ And we can see the Target 1 will be 37100

◽STOP loss will be 37480

◽ Market will be indecisive between 37350-37900

🛑levels for banknifty futures will be also same

◽Go long on banknifty Futures if it breakout the resistance ie . 38050-38100

◽ Don’t short the market until below the 37500

Don’t take a trade if market open above or below our levels bcz market don’t like gaps let the market to consolidate first and then take a trade


Resistance level to BUY call only above 37050-38100

support zone to buy PUT only below 37400-37300

BankNifty will be weaker below the 37500

Banknifty weekly pivot is at 37500

◽And monthly pivot is at 37300

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