BCHUSD – Bullish Still for GLOBALPRIME:BCHUSD by Jee_D

Lately, a crimes related to Cryptocurrency happened in Turky. The Thodex closed the website while the founder of those website fled Turky with $2 billion assets. This will open worlds that this digital money actually still premature and need more assessment to becomes one of payment tool. As a trader, I am opened minded about what instruments I trade. But, regarding of cryptocurrency, I remind again that It is wiser not to think this kind of currency as an investment instruments. Just trade it with money that you afford to lose in market. Don’t even think to invest in it. If you want to invest your money, you can grow it via stocks that traded in your country.

Okay. BCHUSD now under a consolidation phase between 1168.337-741.154. This consolidation phase is a kind of correction of bullish trend . So, my view still bullish for this BCHUSD . You can aim to buy on 2 conditions.

First (look at arrow marked 1) , you can wait for price down to 807.862. Then buy it with target around 1168.330.

Second (look at arrow 2), the price still go down lower. If this happen ini market, it is better actually for you can have an opportunity to buy on demand zone . Just wait patiently on 769.045 and monitor closely price behaviour here . Grab the buy chance with target same as scenario 1.

Hope your trading goes well.

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