Because people think a pyramid scheme is a safe haven for FX:EURUSD by MrRenev

Worldwide investors eager to finance the US programs are making a comeback?
I think it’s mostly short term.

The USD rally won’t go far imo.

Patterns used to work, but now they don’t. Why? I might have the explanation:

It’s as if casuals heard about GME early on.

Melvin capital liquidation price was at say $125.

Casuals buy at 40 then get excited and sell at 50, either when they see a green candle, or when the prices has a small pullback getting close to their entry: RISK AVERSION = they do not want to give back profit.

Add to that all the retail indicator traders fighting the trend.

And the price would never have reached Melvin liquidation, and there would have been no enormous short squeeze.

The fact that few mainstream people heard about this allowed it to keep going up.

Seriously watch this:

Now that they FOMO’ed at the top and the price is below their entries, there is a long prolonged bear market as they have LOSS AVERSION and are desperate for the price to get back to their entry so they can breakeven.

In FX not sure how the hedgers trade they don’t do all of this do they? They’re just dodging fluctuations not trying to profit from them.

I do not have a clear picture of who trades it all, but I know that some people are buying the usdollar . And they’re all the same regardless of who they are.

That’s it, that’s the idea. An avalanche. Works everytime 60% of the time (not factual numbers, I provide no customer service).

People that shorted the USD predicting inflation (wow what an edge you figured that out yourself?) because “muh fundamentals” are going to fuel this rally because “muh risk & loss aversion” is greater than “muh fundamentals” :)

They would rather make $10 or even zero than risk losing $1000 (after being in the green) for a chance of making $500,000.

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