Bitcoin Analyze (Cycles 🔄 + Head and Shoulder Festival)!!! for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by pejman_zwin

Hi, Today when I was sure about the head and shoulder patten’s necking line was broken (Trusty) + when we have 2 new major pivots that we can find new targets for ending this bear rally, I decided to update my last post about Bitcoin (Topic: Bitcoin Analyze (Cycles)!!!🔄== it moved as I expected✅👇).

Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ) Timeframe Daily⏰

Location🌊: about the location of Bitcoin , please read my post with the topic ”Bitcoin Analyze_Road Map🗺️(Update)!!!”, this post is running well like my Cycles 😊.

Cycles🔄: we have 4 cycles on my chart, cycles 1&3 are Ascending, cycles 2&4 are Descending. again, I repeat the cycles specifications in this post.

Cycle 1:

Starting price: 29420$

Final price: 64854$

start date: 27 Jan 2021

End date: 14 Apr 2021

Cycle time: 77 days

Price growth: 35612.28$ (121.79%)

Cycle 2:

Starting price: 64854$

Final price: 29278$

start date: 14 Apr 2021

End date: 20 Jul 2021

Cycle time: 97 days

price reduction: -35576$ (-54.86%)

Cycle 3:

Starting price: 29278$

Final price: 52920$

start date: 20 Jul 2021

End date: 7 Sep 2021

Cycle time: 49 days

Price growth: 23642$ (80.75%)

Cycle 4:

Starting price: 52920$

Final price: ❓❓ $

start date: 7 Sep 2021

End date: ❓❓

Cycle time: ❓❓ days

price reduction: ❓❓ $ (❓❓ %)

🎯The aim of this post🎯: finding question marks for Cycle 4.

for finding answers, I tried to check out the times and prices for cycles + I tried to use 2 new major pivots & Head and Shoulder pattern:

Price growth cycle 1/Price growth cycle 3 = 35612.28$/23642$ = 1.5063

Price (percentage) growth cycle 1/Price (percentage) growth cycle 3 = 121.79%/80.75% = 1.508

Cycle time 1/Cycle time 3 = 77 days/ 49 days = 1.5714

From high ratios, we can know that number👉 1.5 👈 can be a key Coefficient for Calculations required for cycle 4. I used from 1.5 for finding a final price, end date, cycle time, and price reduction of Cycle 4.

price reduction: 35576$/ 1.5 = 23717$

price reduction (percentage): -54.86%/1.5 = -36.57%

cycle time : 97 days/1.5 = 64.66 day == 65 day

Final price (1): 35440$ until 33400$, New Zone that I found from 2 new major pivots (Fib Tools) and Head and Shoulder Pattern’s Target

Final price (2): 33400$ until 28900$ ➡️ this zone is following my post that I published on Aug 23, topic ”Bitcoin Analyze 🗺️🔥(Counting Waves + Road map+ Long-term)🔥🗺️”

end date: around 11 Nov 2021 ( probably on Nov or Dec 2021) ➡️ these dates are following my post that I published on Aug 23, topic ”Bitcoin Analyze 🗺️🔥(Counting Waves + Road map+ Long-term)🔥🗺️”.

also, I set fan principle on our cycles and I tried to find the degree between lines of fan principles by key Coefficient 🔥1.5🔥, we can follow Bitcoin with this pattern.

The degree between line 1 & line 2 (red lines) = 17°

The degree between line 1 & line 2 (Blue lines) = 17°/1.5 = 11.33°== 11°== this degree worked well, we can see on my chart how did degree work for us 😉.

also, we can see 2 Head and Shoulder Patterns + 1 Reverse Head and Shoulder Pattern that they made our cycle. I guess that for ending this bear rally, we will see another Reverse Head and Shoulder Pattern.

in addition, we have the same Downward trends line’s Degree on cycles 2 & 4 on RSI + RSI was able to break Support 👇

Note: if the price can break my important Downward trend line == my scenario will fail.

❗️Sign❗️: if you remember that when we were at around 36000$, Bitcoin touched 48168$ on BITCOIN / TETHERUS PERPETUAL FUTURES , and finally price arrived itself to this amount, yesterday we saw the same happens, and Bitcoin dropped down from 52000$ to 42800$, probably Bitcoin will arrive at 42850$ again === we saw 42850$ as I expected✅, try to use signs 😎

from this sign, we can find another target for ending this bear rally ==around 38000$ 👇

My Suggestion: you can follow my lines. probably my lines will work and help us👍😉.

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open).

Please follow your strategy, this is just my idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post.

Please do not forget the ✅’like’✅ button 🙏😊 & Share it with your friends, Thanks, and Trade safe

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