Bitcoin looks bullish. Crypto looks great. So… what’s next? for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by chataylo

First off, I do believe bitcoin is inside this massive 10 year schiff pitchfork channel until it breaks above the channel and proves otherwise. Once it’s over 80-85k it nullifies my channel and it’s off to the races up to who knows what. That would be cool too.

So… I’m imagining… what is the absolute cruelest thing that could happen to bitcoin … while suckering in the most money… while not really providing a bullrun to all the late buyers?

And I came up with this idea.

Bitcoin could go to alltime highs in the next month+ and stay in this channel. It could go to 75-85k over the next 2 months and get EVERYONE excited… while staying in this channel. I’m proposing the idea that we may repeat the blowoff 65k top and repeat it 10-20 thousand dollars higher, over the coming two months. This would be a pseudo-double top. A higher second top… but it would be a double top , as it’s a double top on this channel’s top line.

I’m not saying it will happen. I’m saying… this would be the most cruel thing that could possibly happen to the average person. That’s why I’m considering it.

I’m super excited for the coming few months. Lots of stuff is going to happen, regardless on if i’m right or wrong on this idea.

I think alt-coins will outperform bitcoin the coming few months (if we do go up).

Once we are beneath that bold yellow line, we crash hard. That is the weekly candleclose trendline dating back from 2011. Falling below this line in November 2018 caused the december 2018 bear market. The bold yellow line is at 23,142$ today on september 26th. It is going up and up. Around january it’s going to be around 29k. So… a january fall to 28k again would be lights out. I want to reiterate I think we’re going to crash super hard this bear market once it is in full swing. I expect 2700$ bitcoin in march 2022. I might be crazy.

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