BTC The Sky isn’t falling and here is why.. for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by iCantw84it

It says it all in the image. Wyckoff Method is very thorough and can be a lot to digest when price is swinging $50-100 a min. I relate this to riding a bull. If you break it up into smaller identifiable pieces you are able to maintain control of your emotions and not make decisions based off of them. I have been studying the curve for almost a year now. Everyday 12-14 hours a day. 2 Months ago I started looking for a logical explanation of what I saw in the market when I first started looking. (This is what I call the CURVE.) I didnt know what Wyckoff was back then nor did I try to find any outside help to sway me one way or the other.

I used price action and what the market was showing me everyday to come up with my own ruleset of moves, candle stick formations, and sequence on what happens on every part of the curve. A complete Visual guide to the curve. It wasnt until 2 months ago taht I found wyckoff that I found a logical explanation as to what I saw. Now I combine the two for a complete visual and tech explanation. Wyckoff and the curve are simpatico in every way. It was uncanny to me when I found it because it was the missing link.

I hope this helps people in their trading. If you like things like these please like and subscribe, put a comment below if you want me to explain anything else.

Thank you.

You can learn more about me by Google searching: WECT Scott Mele

or going to instagram and searching: iCantw84it

There you will find a news article about me and my acquired savant syndrome and my art.

My style of trading is linked to the way the acquired savant syndrome affected my brain and how I see things and know how to do things without prior understanding of them.

p.s. if you think institutional buying isnt in BTC you just need to crawl back in your hole and continue living out your existence in solitude as no one wants to talk to you.

by iCantw84it
05 .28.2021

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