#BTCUSD What Makes you a Survivor to stay here! for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by HamadaMark

What makes you a survivor to stay here!

If you think you are a bullish or bearish view or even a TA, it will make your stay here and become a survivor, you need to re-think this matter!

let say you are this guy who bought BTC from 2013/2015/2016 bottom or even

if you followed bullish all the time, after that, you got a breakdown with panic over around you after this massive gains, which make you decided to sell everything, with this bearish chart and all people and all of this bad news, around you, etc.

But when you decide to sell you found your gain down from 10X to 5/3X, yes it is still good profit for someone who doesn’t gain it, but for you and your mindset, it will be loose ( so you decide to sell late) which make you start in the confusion with more bad choices in bearish market which make you lose what you gained!

On another side, you were this guy who called the TOP and shorted the market from the start point and Things are going to your advantage more with huge profits, but you continue to do that I need more and more, in this case, You are not much different from the person above. you miss a bottom entry, you miss booking profits, and You will lose your mind to be a biased person for what you have been doing all along.

Both of these guys are skilled with TA and they have very good predictions (Crystal Balls) but although that, they failed to the benefit of it they missed to stick with the most important thing and it was risk management.

Risk management makes you take the profit – set – stop loss – booking and secure your trade – avoid trading now – and make you ready for bullish and bearish sides, it’s the golden key to make you a survivor!

let us take a real example:

The current movement has split people into two types that some saying to NEW ATH and some say it’s a trap and another sell coming, we would ask you what if you are wrong? Do you have another plan, did you followed risk management? did you set movement terms?!

if you did that, it will not be a matter if it goes bullish or bearish due to you will be ready for anything, and only risk management will make you like this.

About the Chart,

2B pattern will be formed if Bulls fail to make BTC Close above $55/57 weekly which supports our bearish view


-our bearish view will fail if BTC breakout 55/65 Daily and close above weekly

-new ATH will be around $80K/120 and closing above $75K Daily will be the key for these ATH levels.

(Ps:👨‍💻My personal opinion,(Biased view, Subject to fail)

we explained our view on it with terms for the Bullish / Bearish movement, and be sure no one can tell you what will happen next because there is no one coming from the further, it is all about prediction and it might go right or wrong, but with risk management and your trading plan, these predictions might be benefited for you.


The person who is obsessed with bullish thought can extract 10000 scenarios for bullish movement and the same with a bearish person. for us, we extract both sides and we define the best buy /sell zone and trade based on that, and what we care about is what happens.

As analysts, we have to explain both bullish and bearish directions, and if there is a chance to give a personal prediction for the next movement we will do as like previous analyses. Also, you do not have to worry about what or how i think, but you have to worry about what is happening and what you can do based on it. So, Be bullish or bearish as you want, But be sure you cannot impose what you want or force it to happen. so be ready for everything.


We don’t short btc or using leverage or trading BLV tokens!! our signals for spot trading only.

Also, The TA updates are an explanation for market movement(not mean buy or sell) We will tell you to buy or not through a clear signal with clear targets and stop-loss risk management, etc, not anything else. as analysts, we have to explain both bullish and bearish directions, and if there a chance to give a personal prediction for the next movement we will do as like previous analyses.

This is not financial advice, The purpose of these Charts to give you an idea about coin movement (not buy or sell signal) so before following any idea be sure to do your own research, and follow your risk management. Also, the information we mentioned here is a personal effort that is subject to success or failure and we welcome constructive criticism. Remember that the Cryptocurrency market is very volatile and not suitable for everyone, so be aware of what you will do before you start.

Good luck to all.

🙏we ask Allah reconcile and repay🙏

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