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HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2022 / Cosmos Heroes has announced the launch of their upcoming NFT x MOBA & MMORPG blockchain gaming ecosystem, an innovation in the play-to-earn vertical that combines the best elements of DAO, NFTs, blockchain tech and AAA mobile gaming.

From Q4 2022, Cosmos Heroes will release the first of 2 mobile games that enables Cosmos Heroes NFTs holders to use their characters as a reward generating assets in both MOBA & MMORPG environments, creating a gaming environment that appeals to both blockchain and traditional gamers.

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Our platform is made by creators for creators, a group of comic, manga, and gaming enthusiasts, and we are determined to create the best superhero gaming experience. We hope we can meet everyone in this new world very soon”, Darren Wong, Director at Cosmos Heroes.

Re-innovating the GameFi Space

Cosmos Heroes will become the first blockchain game to offer a thrilling, seamless, and remarkably outstanding gameplay that traditional gamers deserve and a tokenomics model that sustainably rewards the play-to-earn gaming community.

For the traditional gamer, thanks to Unreal Engine 5-the game features genuinely impressive graphics in concomitance with realistic physics, therefore offering expansive yet seamless and rich gameplay with detailed maps. Cosmos Heroes takes the fundamental DNA of compelling gaming aesthetics, combat gameplay mechanics and third person open world environment. As a superhero you roam through an expansionary open map, seeking out quest lines and battling supervillains (major bosses) as you quest to become the ultimate superhero.

For play-to-earn gamers, Cosmos Heroes NFTs will transform into a yield generating NFT capable of breathing, living, and battling in MMO worlds. They also undertake groundbreaking adventures, earn huge rewards for their victories, and help shape the metaverse anecdote.

Discovering the NFTs

Holders of the 11,111 Cosmos Heroes NFTs will have first access to an ecosystem that includes two MMORPG & MOBA games, the Cosmos Heroes Comicverse and the DAO.

The Cosmos Heroes comicverse, is the comic where the Cosmos Heroes NFT holders will be able to vote on key aspects of the comic, including storyline, characters, and art to help drive the ongoing narrative.

Through these user led initiatives, Cosmos Heroes aims to push the boundaries on creating a user centric web 3 experience that connects the holder to the ownership and utility of their NFT.

About Cosmos Heroes

Cosmos Heroes is a blockchain company that aims to introduce an array of unique features capable of revolutionizing the existing GameFi industry. By leveraging various cutting-edge technology and blockchain, Cosmos Heroes seeks to create an advantageous P2E game that is also adventurous, thrilling, and fun.






“I’m sure we’ve all been asked – if we could choose one superpower, what would it be? That dream of being able to be a superhero is how our idea started – in our eyes, everyone can be a hero, and at Cosmos Heroes, we aim to create a world where people can do exactly that.

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