DENT – Short Term Continuation or Reversal to ATH of 0.10? for BINANCE:DENTUSDT by pat11star

DENT crypto has been in the downtrend for the past weeks since it reached its recent All Time High of 0.0227 last April 05 , 2021.

Currently, there are still no news about the token except for the recent “Giga-store Launched on March 31, 2021”, the “New DENT Beta for iOS and Android twitted last April 30, 2021”, and “the DENT App 4.0 showcased last May 21, 2021″ that would boost the trade of mobile data and buying of customers while converting it with DENT coin. According to its white paper; ” With DENT being the token in the mobile data space, the rate of appreciation might follow the SIZE OF THE MOBILE DATA MARKET IN DENT. According to GSMA, the size of the mobile data market is predicted to increase, larger market traded in DENT could lead to DENT price increase.” So we may see the price of DENT to increase in value when there’s ample volume of trade and market value of the data packages in the DENT EXCHANGE.

The DENT team is banking on tourism and travel as the lift of travel sanctions from the pandemic will increase mobility and mobile data usage, if people start using their app and convert their fiats to DENT for mobile data packages and trading that may be bullish . AS of the moment DENT is reactive to the price of Bitcoin and its bull run, like any other cryptocurrency unless it is intentionally being pumped then being dumped while other cryptos are on the red. The Total Supply is 100,000,000,000 DENT and Circulating Supply of 98,610,710,274 DENT flooding the market for mobile data packages as it differs in every country as currency exchange is different, also the price of data packages are different by level.

Am I Bullish or Bearish with DENT?

– I bought DENT at 0.0033 with the position of riding this bull run with BTC to the moon – AS RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL BOAT. I see the price is at a discount with chart patterns pointing at a reversal. Another factor would be the Ethereum Network, as DENT Token is being run thru Ethereum , the developments with Ethereum will greatly affect DENT as well. My target would be a retest of the $0.09 to $0.11 its last All Time High banking on Ethereum’s upgrades and token burn.

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