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Temporary suspension of deposit and withdrawal and transaction support due to rebranding of Bitcoin Cash
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Hello. Upbit is the most trusted global standard digital asset exchange.

Please note that we are temporarily suspending deposit/withdrawal and transaction support due to the rebranding of Bitcoin Cash BC (BCHA).

Note: Bitcoin Cash BC (BCHA) rebranding schedule information (BCHA → XEC )

Note: Bitcoin Cash BC (BCHA) rebranding information (BCHA → XEC )

Note: Details regarding BCHA rebranding

Name change: Bitcoin Cash ABC → eCash

Change symbol: BCHA → XEC

Swap Rate: 1 BCHA = 1,000,000 XEC

Temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals: 2021-09-28 18:00 ~

Notification of when to resume deposits and withdrawals: When the stability of deposits and withdrawals is confirmed after rebranding is completed, XEC will announce the resumption of deposit and withdrawal support through a separate notice

. will be reflected.

*Please note that deposits made after deposits and withdrawals are stopped will be reflected when deposits and withdrawals are resumed after rebranding is completed.

Target Market: BCHA/ KRW , BCHA/ BTC

Transaction support suspension period: 2021-09-29 14:00 ~ To be notified through this notice when rebranding and swap work is completed

*Market name will be changed to XEC / KRW when transaction support resumes.

*As previously announced, when trading support resumes, XEC / BTC market trading support will be temporarily suspended.

*Please note that all existing orders will be canceled due to BCHA’s rebranding.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused during working hours.

Upbit will always strive for stable transaction support.

thank you.

Bitcoin Cash ABC transaction and deposit/withdrawal suspension due to Rebranding

Dear Upbit users,

Kindly read the details below for more information on BCHA transaction and deposit/withdrawal suspension due to rebranding.

Reference : Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) Rebranding Schedule (BCHA → XEC )

Reference : Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA→ XEC ) Rebrand

Reference : BCHA Rebrand Details

Name: BCHA ( Bitcoin Cash ABC ) → XEC (eCash)

Symbol : BCHA → XEC

Swap ratio : 1 BCHA = 1,000,000 XEC

Deposit/Withdrawal schedule: from September 28th, 2021 6 PM ( KST ) ~

Deposit/Withdrawal Resumption : A separate announcement will be made for XEC deposit/withdrawal resumption after confirming the stability and completion of rebranding.

*Deposits in progress confirmed before the deposit/withdrawal suspension will be reflected in the balance as soon as the number of confirmations before rebranding is satisfied.

*Deposits made after the deposit/withdrawal suspension will be reflected when rebranding is completed and deposit/withdrawal is resumed.

Market : BCHA/ KRW , BCHA/ BTC

Suspension Schedule : September 29th, 2021 from 2 PM ( KST ) ~ to be notified through this notice when the works are completed

*There may be changes in schedule and we will notice through this notice if any changes occur.

*The market will change to XEC / KRW after resumption of transaction.

*As noticed in advance in previous notices, XEC / BTC market will be temporarily suspended after resumption of deposit/withdrawal.

*Due to rebranding (BCHA → XEC ) all orders will be cancelled.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Upbit will continue to provide a transparent and sound trading environment.

Thank you.

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