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Elrond (EGLD) – An Internet Scale Blockchain

Elrond is a cheap, efficient and scalable blockchain network that provides utility to both dApp developers and business resolutions.


An internet-scale blockchain, Elrond is fast, cheap, and efficient, designed to provide utility across the spectrum of use cases. The Elrond Network leverages Adaptive State Sharding and its unique Secure Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism to deliver industry-leading scalability. This article highlights some of the advanced features that the Elrond encryption protocol offers.

Elrond Network Design

Launched in July 2020, the Elrond blockchain is designed to grant decentralization, stability, and scalability for distributed applications and organizations alike. The plan comes together in cross-chain interoperability, assisting developers, and achieving maximum operational efficiency. The Elrond Network calls itself an Internet-scale blockchain, which means that it is designed to handle transactional performance on par with leading Internet platforms, as opposed to the subjectively lower performance associated with other chain networks. of blocks. To put Elrond’s performance in vision: the Bitcoin network can confirm an average of 7 transactions per second ( TPS ); Elrond’s crypto equipment ensures that its network can handle 15,000 TPS and at a price of just one penny per transaction.

Elrond achieves this important network efficiency with a creative combination of its custom Secure Proof-of-Stake agreement mechanism, advanced fragmentation technology, validation network composition, and Elrond eGold native currency (eGLD).

Elrond’s Coin: eGold (eGLD)

While Elrond Network provides a platform for the deployment of capable contracts, decentralized applications (dApps) and even entire blockchain protocols, its native eGLD currency is the unit of cost that allows the management of the entire network. The usefulness of the eGLD coin in Elrond is manifold. It is used as part of the platform’s regime mechanism, for collaboration and validation rewards, and as payment for capable contracts and transactions. Both users and developers of the platform pay for the use of the Elrond Network with the eGLD coin, which serves as gas for the entire ecosystem. EGLD coin is designed to be used with Maiar Wallet, owned by

Elrond, which enables users to send almost instantaneous transactions through the Elrond network. Maiar provides functionality to borrow, lend, send and receive, as well as gambling.

In April 2021, the circulating supply of eGLD coins was 17.2 million, with 55.5% of these locked into the network’s collaboration rewards protocol. The novel eGLD coins will be released gradually based on capable contracts over the next 10 years until the final supply of 31.4 million eGLD coins is reached. The subjectively low supply of the eGLD coin, the lockdown program and the high percentage of coins staked are thought to be positive cryptoeconomic indicators in relation to the long-term viability of Elrond.

Secure Collaboration Test (SPoS)

The Elrond Network uses its own exclusive Proof of Collaboration ( PoS ) algorithm called Proof of Collaboration Secure (SPoS) which displays a sequence of unique creations. In the Elrond network, a node is a server, smartphone or PC that makes the buyer program of the Elrond node to transmit and process data through the network. While each of the PoS networks use a system of nodes to transact data and enter into agreements, Elrond makes use of 3 specific types of nodes.

Validators are Elrond’s primary nodes and are responsible for processing transactions on the network in exchange for eGLD.

Observers are passive network nodes that simply read and transmit information from the network. Unlike Validators, Observers are not forced to stake eGLD coins to participate in the network and are not rewarded for their services.

Fishermen are specialized nodes that verify or question the data in the blocks after it has been processed by the validation nodes. A fishermen node is assigned rewards in proportion to its effectiveness in its malicious agent detection functionality.

One aspect of the Elrond network’s SPoS mechanism that enables the performance of your transactions is its near-fast random validator selection, which is enabled by blockchain fragmentation – the process of dividing an entire blockchain into data sets. smaller and more manageable for maximum efficiency. The validation nodes are then randomly assigned to said personal shards so that each validator only needs to confirm the data stored in its special shard, rather than the integrity of the data stored in the blockchain.

SPoS also uses Boneh-Lynn-Shacham (BLS) multiple signature technology to randomly pick nodes on each chunk to finish validator selection in 100 milliseconds or 0.1 seconds. This is estimated to be extraordinarily fast for a blockchain network and is the kind of speed for which the term Internet scale is reserved.

Elrond Blockchain Fragmentation Innovations

The Elrond Network makes use of what is called Adaptive State Sharding by combining 3 standardized sharding procedures into a balanced, high-performance system. Network fragmentation enables the way network nodes are allocated and mapped to specific shards, and transaction fragmentation is used to decide how transactions are mapped to shards. However, the fragmentation of the state is the most complex, and it is what distinguishes Elrond from its competition.

This is how it works: Since transactions commonly involve accounts on different shards, you need to exchange messages and update network states between shards. To improve resistance to a plurality of attacks, the nodes in the network fragments are shuffled to preserve stability through randomness. The conjunction of these 2 components shows latency challenges once nodes are reassigned and have to synchronize with new shards. State fragmentation requires that nodes only store a section of the overall network state, rather than the entire state, consequently once they move to a totally new partition, they only have to download a section of the new state, which which causes the synchronization process to be much faster. .

Furthermore, Elrond uses what he calls Metachain to operate as a coordinating mechanism for the various fragments of the network. Metachain operates on its own specialized shard.

Capable contracts on Elrond’s encryption network

The Elrond Virtual Machine, or Arwen WASM Virtual Machine, has been designed primarily to build capable contracts on the Elrond platform. It is compatible with any programming language that can compile web assembly capable contracts, built-in Rust, C / C ++, C #, Go, Typecript, and several others. This functionality enables developers to plan in parent languages, however, Rust is the recommended language due to Elrond’s sophisticated Rust smart contract framework.

The Elrond Virtual Machine (VM) smart contract engine is intended to be fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which means that Ethereum capable contracts have the ability to run seamlessly on the Arwen WASM virtual machine. The Arwen WASM virtual machine is also designed to be able to do full interoperability between external blockchain systems, which helps to allow the exchange of cost and other data between various blockchain protocols.

Elrond use cases

Elrond is also intended to recognize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and displays an NFT framework called Capable Accounts. Capable accounts work much like an account on any other blockchain network, however, with support for account-grade key cost data storage. They allow users to save monumental chunks of information, such as emails, bitcoin addresses, private identity data, health data, proof of citizenship, Know Your Buyer ( KYC ) information, and more, directly to their account. Elrond Network. Additionally, capable accounts remain designed to directly save and display ownership of digital assets without using Elrond’s virtual machine, resulting in less bloat in capable contracts governing user funds.

Elrond is preparing for the rollout of Elrond’s Standard Digital Tokens (ESDTs): tokenized stablecoins, synthetic assets, and fiat currencies that will run on the pre-eminent part of the Elrond network, however they do not require smart contract functionality. Elrond’s scalability and speed also prepare the network for Internet of Things ( IoT ) functionality.

Today’s organizations exploring blockchain networks as business resolutions yearn for platforms that meet their most pressing needs. Elrond Network provides an efficient, scalable, developer-friendly, and inexpensive blockchain protocol that could satisfy many of the needs of large-scale organizations. With an ever-growing list of enterprise blockchain consumers internationally, Elrond provides resolutions for data bartering, IoT , financial services, and many more applications, showing that the adoption of the Elrond network by users is increasingly intense. .

Now let’s see, what is Maiar Exchange, The EGLD Exchange.

Tokenization allows immediate and global liquidity for practically any type of asset. Through automatic mechanisms of evaluation, collateralization and programmatic negotiation, decentralized finance is about to blur the lines between what we now consider differentiated markets.

The ability of any type of security to become digital, liquid, instantly and globally marketable will give the global economy superpowers. literally.

Therefore, it is immediately obvious that the underlying infrastructure energy exchange becomes critical infrastructure for the century.

The rapid evolution of stock markets, to centralized exchanges, to decentralized exchanges, driven by automated market makers, paves the way for significant global improvement.

For this improvement to materialize and be widely adopted, a few essential elements are necessary:

1. A powerful automated market maker – allowing efficient peer to peer programmatic exchange between buyers and sellers

2. An open and Internet-scale infrastructure that enables fast and cheap transactions on a global scale

3. Intuitive user experience – allowing anyone to become an actor in the global economy

4. Incentives, distribution and governance of the global and democratic community

Internet-scale infrastructure-based automated market makers

The essence of the recent variants of automated market makers is best expressed through the constant product equation:

x * y = k

In terms of its functionality, if a set of swaps has several units of token x and several units of token y, the operations are fixed so that the portions of xy resulting after the operation, once they are multiplied, are equivalent to a constant fixed, k.

However, the current performance of AMMs could be significantly improved by rebuilding them on much more scalable architectures.

By reinventing an automated market author in addition to a highly scalable architecture that is high-bandwidth, low-latency, and inexpensive, the performance of barter processes can be dramatically improved. With significantly better performance, the reach of MMAs can be expanded immediately, opening up new market opportunities.

Perhaps the most relevant vector of growth we will observe will come once intuitive simplicity and ease of use engage tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and ultimately an enormous number of millions of individuals interact with these novel technologies, making easier easy and instant barter, a stopover.

Community distribution, incentives and participation

Go Beyond Product Performance and Customer Experience: Community sharing, incentives, and governance invent the guesswork for an eye-catching start-up process, incentivizing both rapid adoption and long-term contribution.

Putting all these parts of the puzzle together will create an eye-catching product, driven by an immediate trajectory of growth, taking it beyond the blockchain ecosystem.

Introducing the Maiar Exchange Internet-scale Value Exchange for the Next Billion.

Maiar Exchange is the latest automated market maker, rearranging some of the key elements to build a product that can take advantage of the full performance of the elrond architecture, to deliver cheap, near-instant, global transactions across an expanding set of assets.

In addition, once live, the Maiar Exchange will be integrated into the Maiar application, offering a simple and intuitive interface that is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

To ensure fast adoption cycles, open governance, and long-term contribution, the Maiar exchange will have a native government token called MEX , which enables community-driven development and governance.

As we can see, Maiar has a strong development behind him. From a strong community, a cryptocurrency with a lot of project value, a fairly secure network and so far without any security flaws, and its own exchange. I see that EGLD will have a lot of future in the long term. But hey, let’s go to technical analysis .

Technical analysis:

First of all, let’s review the behavior of the asset throughout history.

From July 4, 2019 to March 12, 2020 (March is the beginning of the bullish cycle with strength).

If we notice, the first bullish with force from March 13 to October 29, 2020.



From October 30 to the present, we have had a bullish quite strongly. And currently in retracement, to the classic 0.786 Fibonacci level.



If we are based on history, EGLD within the bull cycle. to generated returns of 30,000%. Demonstrating the potential of the project in the long term.

In addition, as I mentioned, it has a constant, slow and healthy development.

Also, that there are several relevant investors within it. So, taking into account that the expected crisis happens, we could enter a cumulative zone for quite some time. For an upcoming bullish .

Fibonacci Retracement

Based on backtracking, we could go play. The 50.89 USD, in a long time, however, we are already in the range of 0.786 Fibonacci retracement . So accumulating would not be a bad idea. Remember that all investment is made with money willing to lose, we have a strong economic crisis on top, but let’s be optimistic about cryptocurrencies.

Gann and Fib fans

And taking Gann Box or Gann Fan as an idea, the floor could be at 36-40 usd. Which would be consistent because going back below 0.786 Fibonacci usually happens, but we never fall too hard below it, unless the project loses value. Which currently EGLD does not have, because its investment community is quite strong.

Gann fan

Fibonacci fan

Fibonacci Channel

Based on a Fibonacci channel, the level agrees. Too.

Ratio Gold

In the Gold ratio we will have the relevant level on the PHI based Genesis Fibonacci levels. 29,031-46,971. Being this. Prices range between 41-65 USDT.

Being as conservative as possible. I would expect EGLD at 400 usdt. In the next 10 years. Too easily. The most conservative.

And being optimistic, you could expect it to reach values of 1200 usd. This being its maximum, for a setback.

Why 10 years?

It is based on what the majority of relevant stock investors are betting, an economic crisis which lasts quite a relative time. Which could make cryptocurrencies enter the cumulative zone, there are exceptions that continue to rise despite this, but I will be conservative in my ideas. I would wait for the start of the new cycle, after the next bitcoin halving in 2024. With this, many cryptocurrencies start a bullish next to it. Which will be longer then, reaching new highs in any asset will take longer than the current one.

And if we review the volume profile , we can denote that the area we are currently mentioning is in high demand. Preference to buy in a scalar manner.

I currently have an amount greater than 1000 eGLD in my portfolio. I firmly believe that it is a project with a lot of future, it has its own exchange, the most secure network without any hacking to date in blockchain, a strong community itself. With only a 17m supply. And a value of 70 usd. I consider this UNDERVALUED.

This is long-term, I can’t predict how long it will take to hit the conservative short-term target of $ 500. Or long of 1200 usd. Either way, I won’t sell. It is true that we have an economic crisis on top of us. But having your money physically devalued by itself is useless. Invest in these values ​​looking to buy on a scale. And be sure to invest money willing to lose. EGLD has everything to have a growth of 17 times its capitalization with a proportionality similar to the growth of BTC . Everything is perfect. Fundamentally also in technical analysis . I think we will see Grayscale soon, taking a look at the project. Regards ^ – ^

The objective of 1200 usd is proportional to the growth of BTC , and also proportional to the growth of EGLD so far in the cycle, I consider it will enter an accumulation zone for an indeterminate period of time and I believe that in early 2024 after the halving we can start having the idea of ​​obtaining these values ​​that would be expecting a growth of 3000% in the long term. As in this cycle.


– Preference to use a complement. But the Gold Ratio can help you see buy and sell zones.

Gold Ratio:

Pink Lines, Genesis Levels 1,618

Purple Lines, Retracement Levels 1.23 – 1.382

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