ETH/USDT : Alert for ALTs ! for BINANCE:ETHUSDT by Helical_Trades

Hello everyone 😃

We got 2 targets on #ETH with 28% fixed profit.

#ETH has reached the major resistance zone ; Now there will be a danger for whole market to form bearish reversal from their current levels.

But there also can be a possibility for #ETH to go sideway before any major movement !

So It’s better to follow the indicators for now, Volatility has reached the buy limit zone and the bearish divergence will control the movement…
Bollinger Bands shows the 2nd broke above as #ETH reaches the danger zone.

– Also you can use this opportunity to do some scalps/swings to take the maximum advantage of current structure.

📚 If #ETH broke above the zone and take hold, Then there’s will be a high chance for bulls to rush the pair to marked targets !
– So you can set your bids above the mentioned danger zone.

⁂ What’s the plan for next days before the major movements ?
#ETH can stay here at red zone for few days before going REAL REVERSAL.
Late pumps in Few ALTs can still continue while #ETH keeps sideway at top.

📊 You can track #ETH’s movement with #BTC’s current situation !
If #BTC break above $51.5K’s resistance, Then #ETH most follow it.

Also you can identify the drop with #ETH’s rejection below the zone…

Which levels we should watch for correction ?
– Based on FIB’s levels, $2726.85 can be a good retest zone for #ETH after the reversal’s confirmation;

Also the bullish trendline can hold the pair so you set your targets near/above them.
📚 You can use 12H’s EMAs to recognize the stiff stands for bulls

Hope you enjoyed our analysis about #ETH’s possible directions🙌

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Attention: this isn’t financial advice we are just trying to help people on their own vision.

Have a good day!

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