Ethereum ready to take off!!? for BINANCE:ETHBTC by JacobR905

Looking at Ethereum vs Bitcoin we see a clear descending wedge which is very bullish in itself and as you can see to the left of our current wedge we had another descending wedge which blasted us upwards once we brokeout. Think we are looking very good overall and wouldn’t put it past ETH to pull this off again! We have a very heavy support area below us shown by the rectangle , we have the pivot point which acts as support and then aswell as the bottom of the wedge which is also support, on the other hand though we do have a fair amount of resistance above us, the top of the wedge , the 0.2 FIB level, resistance at 0.0741 sats and then the R1 resistance. the beauty of this and the positive is the fact that we have had quite the correction and cooldown across the whole market and plus once we do start to see bullish momentum it is going to be explosive, plus don’t forget the very bullish pattern we are currently in, once we start to take off i would say we can most likely easily blast through most of these levels because they are so close, and i would expect us to reach the R1 level before we start to see some pushback from the bears, even at that point though i think we could shred right through there after a couple attempts at the level. Looking at the MACD we are seeing a steady decline in the red bearish bars day after day and thats exactly what we want, bearish momentum draining out and giving the bulls that chance to really takeover. On the MA’s we are seeing them getting pretty close together which is a good sign, meaning we are getting closer to a bullish cross, however there could still be a couple or few more days of decline due to the fact that the blue MA is slightly turning to the downside. The Wavetrend overall looks great, we are nearing the bottom zone which is the buy zone and we are seeing what looks like a sort of bottom out from this downtrend wave, like i said with the MACD we could still see a bit of a decline on the wavetrend but i really doubt we go much further, we want to keep an eye on those red crosses and as you can see we are pretty close to getting them underneath our wave to start giving us that push back up! Not financial advice just my opinion!
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