” FIBONACCI ” IS THE DIVINITY NUMBER. Everything is there!!! for NYSE:GME by CharlesGhavidia

1 -Game Stop is The Anti-Monopole ( his business is to earn a % of the product) ( Game Stop Will never create video games)

1.2 – Monopole compagny are illegal. so forget amazon, stadia, xcloud, Psnow or Apple game. ( to much Subcriptions!!! ) To much expensive!! in long term! and people will loses a lot of money and time! in both parties! seller and buyer!

1.3 – These compagny create video games too! And they need a Legal Basic Platform for Re-Gain the Loses of The NO Subscriber!!! it can be Billions!!!!! in long term!

2- Sony , microsoft , google , amazon, apple etc.. WIll Never Give Money to his competitor. ( they will be only studio who create video games) ( we talk about billions of loses if the ONE Platform his popular ) ( give to much power to his competitor).

3- Azure Cloud have a contract with Game Stop. Azure is only a service, it can’t be traduce like a monopole is complety another things. Azure have Jedi Contract. ( Azure private) ( amazon cloud is public ) .

3.1 – Video game is not like whatch a movie. you can play this video game 1million times… (so the creation of a video game have much value. than a music or movie.

4- (Addiction exist only in video games not in listen a music or watch a movie.)

5- When you short a stock. and retire you possition for take the gains, you need to buy the stock!

6- Split stock 14 will happen. arround 1 april. financial release. only 45 millions float stock. and 3 billions stock market cap.

7. at 2013 to 2016 the stock was already at 45$. for 3 years!

8. look indicator. MACD . RVI . Stoch Rsi . They never lie!

9. Kitty guy invest 4 millions at gme 22 feb. and still invest more he say.

10- ps6 will never release. is finish like super nintendo or ness. casette, cd. etc… and playing video games will ALWAYS exist. Power of cloud is more powerfull. and update the graphic card or ”ps5” each 2 years and lose all games create. is tooo expensive.

*11. I repeat that nobody want to paid 3x 10.99$month or more. for play 1 game with ubisoft. one game with stadia and another with microsoft . they will loose to much money ( for the arcade games they create. like apple or stadia. ) is much money on they pocket. just for try the mini game. instead of no-one try it. that create less data for create other games and much more!!!

I think this is my ticket for travel around the world in peace! peace! ( is my first time i will invest in Gme 23 february 2021 )

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