Gold, 22 OCT – Elliott waves | Gann | Astrology $GLD $XAUUSD for CAPITALCOM:GOLD by Constellations

Gold had a sharp wave iv correction which we expected according to the Elliott rule of alternation. The TD idea worked well as price is gradually coming back to the 1800 level.

The inflation narrative continues to drive Gold:

German price expectations climbed to 8-1/2 year highs as concerns grow that the European Central Bank will keep monetary policy on a dovish setting. In the U.S. breakeven rates rose to their highest since 2012. In the UK 48% of the British public thinks inflation will accelerate over the next 12 month.

Our expectation is a wave v (in green). Alternatively, it is also possible to interpret the current wave as iii of (iii), which would give us much higher targets. Therefore, an idea was to build further long exposure in case the latter scenario is correct.

When we look at the inflation narrative, Crypto delivered a very convincing picture. It is time for Gold to catch up, maybe it is even the last chance for Gold to save its reputation.


In my analyses I combine Elliott waves , Gann theory, and planetary aspects to identify turning points in the markets & derive high-probability trading ideas.

The strategy is to build leveraged exposure when markets are likely to expand, and to use options premium decay for consistent income when markets may contract and range.

BTO = buy to open
STC = sell to close

STO = sell to open
BTC = buy to close
TD = Theta Decay (for example a strangle or iron condor)

These abbreviations describe ideas that are provided as educational information and do not constitute financial advice.

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Disclaimer: The views and ideas expressed in this analysis are that of the maker. They are provided as educational information and do not constitute financial or trading advice.

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