IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For June 23, 2021

To LA from Minneapolis – Good Wednesday Morning to the entire IBD Live International Team To Minneapolis from LA! Happy Hump Day Mr Stevens! Jive Talkin’ and Good Lovin’ with IBD Live and Jon Najarian this fine Wednesday morning !!! Jon is here! Good morning IBD Live & To Everyone else! Where can we find the recent IPO screen Chris spoke about yesterday June 22nd? Thanks a bunch! Good Morning! Chris’ screen is made on MarketSmith; we look for companies having gone public in the past 36 months, trading at least $15 a share, and show good sales gains in the past qtr. You could also check out the IPO Leaders screen here. Good morning all and welcome Jon! GM Blaine! Ticker of the Day BEEG Gee, er, Gees, you’re spot on Mark! Good Morning Team IBD Live! GM Brian! When you are handling multiple accounts for one person, do you treat each account as individual portfolio or as on e big portfilio? Great Q, Nancy; two quick thoughts from Hatman. 1) If one account holder has a more conservative bent, then perhaps best to pick fewer volatile stocks for that portfolio; 2) if all the other accounts seek growth, try as best to buy the equivalent amount of stock, as a percentage of the account, across each account. Good day. In O’Neil’s book HTMMIS he describes the CANSLIM methodology to select top performing growth stocks and on IBD there is a buying checklist. Recreating these parameters in MarketSmith shows that only a few stocks pass all of these parameters. I also notice that stocks are selected / discussed which do not fully adhere to these parameters. Is this a function of the current market environment or have the parameters changed over time? Perhaps this could be a topic for discsussion. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and information shared. The number that check off all the boxes tends to be small. It should also be noted that there are “exceptions” to a lot of the “rules.” We tend to do looser screens sometimes to get more names and be able to apply those exceptions accordingly. All this 70s music makes me want to put on my old plaid sports coat and 5″ wide tie… Ha ha! I hope yesterday’s ‘new’ American folk rock music by Wild Rivers did not make you feel that way, Blaine… Is there a way to monitor any pre or after market activity in MarketSmith? I don’t think we have a list of stocks moving sharply in pre- or post-market action, unfortunately; reading the latest Stock Market Today column will highlight big movers after 1pm PT, and the early morning one will do the same before the 6:30am PT market open. What is a good strategy to get out of my losses with MVIS? Thx If you want to raise cash right away to buy a better candidate, you could sell now and cut the loss, move on. Now, you could also watch to see if MVIS holds support at the 10-week MA and makes some kind of rebound. Unfortunately, Microvision is highly speculative; its sales, net losses do not make it a CAN SLIM potential long-term winner. Great move from the low-priced breakout near 3; but already an 8-fold move. and Yesterday my IBD Live email didnt come till1:37pm. Not sure if the issue was on my end or yours but if that happens again is there another way to get into the meeting? Link in a different location? If you go to and log in with your subscriber credentials, you will see the join now button on that page! Good Morning All …. I believe AAPL is over the buy point. Can we take a look? GM Lee; AAPL creating a shallow cup within its longer consolidation; perhaps a 137.17 entry is emerging? 10 cents above the 4/30 week’s high. But, draw a trend line from the base’s high, and we can justify a trend-line entry near 133? Is shop a buy at this pivot point? Too extended for me at this point. Wait for another handle or pullback. I’m back, been in the woods camping for days Where were you? sound is different for each speaker. Ali is loud and Chris is too low I turned mine down a bit What were the stocks to watch so far? Just joining, thanks. RIOT, SPOT, OSTK and others. Can we get access to Chris’s IPO screen in Marketsmith? Thanks Hatman!!!! I’ve shared it on MarketSmith. It’s called Recent IPOs and my username ied33. Hi, Quick question when a stock is chosen for swing trader how long after your trade do we see it? Yesterday it was stated DDD was entered at 7ish in the morning and it wasn’t posted in swing trader till 10ish. Is there a way to see it sooner? Thanks If you are looking at the posted time on current trades, that is listed as Eastern Time. It was 7:12 AM Pacific Time that it went on. TSLA moving theough the 50 Day. Nice move. Just below a trend line from the top. Please discuss TWLO Looking good. Cleared trend line on Tuesday, moving higher today. A little extended from the 10-week/40-week lines. SYK’s EPS & sales are going down. Will you still recommend? They’ve been rising in the last few quarters and should keep rising this year as surgeries return. pgny pulling back to 10? thoughts live answered Looks like you have gone back to showing 4 big pictures most of the time, only one of them who is talking, and a smaller chart. This contributes nothing to understanding the chart patterns. You should be able to adjust the view settings on your end — you can make the size of the chart bigger! PDCO ACTUALLY GAPPED LOWER Yes. That’s what I thought I said. Good morning! BOOT is entering profit taking on daily chart while simultaneously entering buy zone on weekly chart with a Blue Dot. Curious about IBD method for this. live answered Just FYI from user perspective: The redirection / landing page for IBDLive is really aggressive. There was no option for existing users to simply login. There was just a push for new users to sign up. Very difficult to navigate on phone. Thanks for the feedback! Totally see your point. Would go to main home page to log in first, then go to once you’re already logged in! Hopefully that helps 🙂 No sound Check your Zoom audio settings and your internet connection. May need to leave and come back Joining late, have you guys discussed Micoft, Paypal , or Shopify yet? Discussed MSFT and PYPL Where are the Bitcoin miners moving to, from China? Bunch of places I assume. what time do you go live central time? 8:20 a.m. How do you feel about UPST in the current interest rate environment? live answered Thank you Chris….how do I actually “get” there via Marketsmith? Appreciate it Sir! Open Screens on the left panel. Click on Browse Screens and then sort by author. Scroll down to ied33 and you’ll see all the screens that I have shared. I see all the 4 hosts on the right panel. How do I find the setting to change it to a floating small window so I can view only the active speaker.? Intent is to maximize the screen size. Thanks. Make the zoom window fullscreen Hi Ed, are you on VALE? You been talking about it last 2 weeks It’s one I wanted to keep my eye on to see if mining stocks can rebound. ed ,why you dislike TSLA so much? I dislike Elon Musk statements about self-driving cars. Not a new investor, but new to this Can Slim. Reading William Oneil’s book, understand the concepts… but struggling to learn to read charts, determine buy and sell points, etc. Need better visuals with explanation. Is IBD Live the best place to learn or is there additional resources I should look to? Personally, I think IBD Live is a great place to learn because we go through so many charts each day and point out some of the nuances. The best thing to do to get better at reading charts is to look at a lot of charts. Specifically, the look of past leaders before they made their big moves and they act during their moves so you know how to hold them. Looks like UPST is ready to shoot up. Just above its 50MA with abover average volume. It’s above the 50-day line but still in that recent range. Amy idea what stock he was talking about ABML doesn’t show up It’s not on MarketSmith because I guess it’s on the full-blown Nasdaq, but it does trade. to Jon – not able to find the ticket you mentioned for the Nevada lithium recycling company; can you say it again? Thanks! (alive in Mpls) ABML – not in MarketSmith because not fully on Nasdaq, apparently. Ali your adjusted volume today is the best ever. Great! Thanks, Sandy Snap is about to breakout It’s close! There seems to be a lot of overhead supply on SPOT Good point Thomas; something to def watch and think about going forward. Hatman — Please comment on KNBE Great move so far, Leo! Last week’s breakout was extraordinary; lot of money finding its way into new IPOs. Now extended past the seven week cup w/ a 27.08 entry point. On MarketSmith, we have limited fundamental info, but after three years of net losses through 2020, KnowBe4 is expected to earn 3 cents a share in 2021, a good thing. In Q1, it made a profit a penny per share, and sales of $54 mil rose 37% vs. a year ago — meets the C in CAN SLIM. The security software group is strengthening, better than its lowly 142nd ranking out of 197 industries for 6-month relative performance suggests. Cheers, Hatman Dave — and to Jon & team – did you know that Apple is a big recycler; here Good to know Scott! I am long from on SNAP my entry 62.84. Would it be a good idea to pyramid more position @65.56 You could use 65.66 as an entry, but the official buy point – and clear resistance IMO is 65.96 … just above the April 14 high. Please ask Jon to clarify the company he was discussing. I thought he said ABML. But they symbol does not return a security. It is ABML – but it’s over the counter. Jon says it’s going to join the Nasdaq. not very canslim….. time to get a breakfast burrito… heh. UPST starting to act better –selling could be over imho Might be – but it’s still in its recent range over the past several days. It’s not even above its 10-day line. Question for John, CRSR is showing 21.5%, 1.8 days of shorts, is this one that will run again on a squeeze? It has high double digit sales growth and triple digiti earnings growth. Hey James! We have an online course all about options, you can check that out in the “shop” section BUT we also have lots of great strategies over at 🙂 Kindly discuss EPAM. All it does it go up. It’s not exciting. It’s just a winner and a classic Long-Term Leader. APPS: Any thoughts? Moving above longer term downward trend line. We added it to SwingTrader yesterday as it reversed. Looking good today. About 8% above the 50-day, so still actionable if you want to start building a position. Pls discuss pgny live answered Options are 100% gambling Many people focus on the binary win big/lose it all aspect but the vertical spreads that Jon mentioned or put hedging strategies we’ve talked about previously, among many others, can reduce risk. What is Leaderboard doing with PGNY? Did I miss a notification??? Thanks David; no notification has been sent. Given how this stock is more volatile day to day, we’re giving it the rest of the week and a chance to see if the stock shows support at the 10-week MA. DV moving nicely higher. Mentioned on IBD Live on Monday when stock was at $39, now at $43. Acting very well! Thanks for noting it. PLTR your thoughts on this one. Early entry? Hi Shari! Impressive rebound in the making here… Do you see a double bottom that’s formed since late Feb.? First low at 20.18, 2nd low at 17, creating a midpoint at 26.20. I could see an aggressive entry if it rallies past 26.30 with accelerating volume. Pls keep in mind that the stock has already rallied 52% from its low, so a pullback is also highly possible. Overall, I think analyzing the weekly price-volume action is totally key right now! Cheers, Hatman What do you think of SNAP as an early entry here? Hi Brian; it seems like a new handle has formed; 65.76 new entry? To be honest, I live in an area where many African Americans have been moving to and I have noticed many pairs of brightly colored Crox shoes around here; just sayin’ My daughter’s boyfriend was going on about how much he likes Crocs. I wish I knew earler that millenials were discovering them. good morning IBD! what does Jon mean by “unusual activity”? e.g., short interest changes, call option volume, volatility changes, some combination? The examples he used today specifically referred to unusual volume. F actionable Chris Only 4% above the 21 day, so still actionable. $PLTR! Great rebound Kathleen! Pls see my answer on Q on whether a new entry is emerging. Possibly a double bottom has formed. Mr. Ed is always so nervous…..He just “doesn’t know” Heh. I am nervous about this market in 2021 and reluctant to sound too sure when talking live. Where is the best place to learn to read charts? With visuals? Hi Amanda! Check out for a ton of resources on chart reading! Also the “how to invest” section of 🙂 DOCN – IPO also doing well out of an IPO base Hi Falala, great move these past two weeks, indeed! Well extended now. Since the avg dollar volume is less than $20 mil it did not hit my radar. It’s interesting how after the IPO at $47, it actually spent a long time trading below that price. I like the EPS estimates going forward; from a net loss of 40 cents per share in 2020, DigitalOcean is seen posting a profit of 24 cents this year and 55 cents in 2022. An impressive forecast. Plus, Columbia Acorn and Lord Abbett Developing Growth own shares. Hatman Thoughts on DXcM? Hi Isaac, just wrote a long comment in the QA. Pls check it out! Thanks for joining Live! DXCM? Hi Corey, Dexcom is certainly clearing the new cup’s 429.04 entry. Volume is not robust, but it did rally in above-average volume on 6/10 and 6/18. At the same time, notice on a weekly chart how DXCM has now racked up 5 up weeks in a row, and in three of those up weeks, weekly turnover accelerated. That’s good. If the breakout does not move with big thrust, then I’d expect some sideways action, even a handle to possibly form. Hatman Ali can you please ask the team to share some thoughts on CRWD. thank you! live answered how about ABNB? Hitting resistance at 50-day line. Interesting to see if it break through here. Probably could draw a trend line around a similar spot. DXCM breaking through pivot Indeed UPST was pressured due to lockup exp. — ended last week Yes, good point UPST and PATH both have had IPO lockups over the past 10 days Good point! Last week you posted that $VALE was getting close to the buy zone. It crossed the price today and triggered my 1/2 position. I did not get a positive vibe from the panel . I think it’s looking good. Definitely a standout in mining/commodities now. Not a bad choice to make sure your portfolio isn’t just software/IPOs/apparel retailers. UPST lock up expired a few days ago selling easing up! Right! Double bottoms — also in TWTR and PINS live answered ZIM ?? Back to the 21-day line again. Maybe it can form a new base but that needs another week. Is NUE near a buy point? It’s bouncing from the 50-day/10-week line, but with nowhere near the power of last week’s sell-off. Ed, I’ve slowly buith a postion in DEN over the last 3 months built it up to 23% of my portfolio. I’ve had to siy through a couple of hard pull backs but I’m up 48% on the position. I have a lot ofconviction on oil and I’m afreaid to get out of ths leader. Would it be prudent to take some profit and await another pull back like last week to re pirchase or shouldI contine to hold and wait for a desisive sell signal ABNB pypl? live answered You may like ROKU Acting great, Giovani KKR breaking out hope to discuss tomorrow! and CG
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