IPO Stocks To Watch: Track The Latest IPO News And Upcoming IPO Filings

The biggest stock market winners typically make their major price moves within a few months or years of their initial public offering (IPO). So it pays to identify and track companies that are getting ready to go — or have recently gone — public.


What Is An IPO?

An initial public offering or IPO is when a privately-held company makes its shares available for trading on public markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq.

Going public is a way for a company to raise capital, and can offer opportunities for secondary offerings of shares in the future.

An IPO can also be an opportunity for venture capitalists and other early investors to cash out and take profits. After a lockup period (typically from 90 to 180 days from the initial public offering), employees with vested stock options can also sell their shares on the open market.

When And How To Buy IPO Stocks

No matter how much hype there might be surrounding a new company getting ready to go public, resist the temptation to buy a stock right when it has its IPO.

You can greatly reduce your risk and still reap big rewards by waiting for the stock to prove itself before you invest. As a rule, look for companies that have the CAN SLIM traits of winning stocks and let it form an IPO base and breakout first.

As Snap (SNAP), Facebook (FB), Square (SQ) and many other IPO stocks have show, new issues often struggle before they find their footing and take off. So be sure to heed the lessons of big-buzz IPO stocks like Snap, Facebook and Square before your money at risk.  Waiting for the stock to prove itself and establish a trading history will dramatically reduce your risk and still leave plenty of opportunity to reap rewards.

IPO News & Analysis | IPO Leaders Stock ListFilings & New Issues

IPOs — Feb 05, 2021

Offering Offering Current EPS Industry Lead
Company Symbol Date Price Price %Chg Rtg group underwriter
Curevac N V CVAC 8/14/20 16.0 120.43 652.7 13 Medical-Biomed/Biotech Bofa Securities Inc
Kymera Therapeutics Inc KYMR 8/21/20 20.0 78.06 290.3 25 Medical-Biomed/Biotech Morgan Stanley
Montrose Environmentl Gp MEG 7/23/20 15.0 39.78 165.2 20 Pollution Control Bofa Securities Inc
Telus International Inc TIXT 2/3/21 25.0 31.58 26.3 99 Computer-Tech Services J P Morgan
Pulmonx Corporation LUNG 10/1/20 19.0 60.24 217.1 14 Medical-Products Bofa Securities Inc
Symbol/ Shares Estimated MktValue P/E Ratios: Lead
Company Exchange (000) Price ($Mil) Industry Group Co/Grp Underwriter
Signify Health Inc Cl A SGFY/NSE 27,025 17.0- 19.0 4304.3 Computer Sftwr-Medical n.a./ 77 Goldman Sachs & Co.
Hylete Inc Cl A HYLT/NSE 1,917 8.0- 10.0 60.9 Apparel-Clothing Mfg n.a./ 65 Maxim Group Llc.
Irvine, CA. Provides advertising buying process for ads on desktop, mobile, TV, streaming audio and digital billboards.
Loandepot Inc Cl A LDI/NSE 16,412 19.0- 21.0 6972.0 Finance-Mrtg&Rel Svc 5/ 17 Goldman Sachs & Co.
China. Chinese Co offers Anti-Counterfeiting Tax Control System tax devices and hardware and software sale.
High % Chg % Chg
Symbol/ Offer Filing Offer From From Lead
Company Exchange Date Price Price Filing Price Offer Industry Group Underwriter
Foghorn Therapeutics Inc FHTX/ NDQ 10/23 17.0 16.0 -5.9 17.8 11.4 Medical-Biomed/Biotech Goldman Sachs & Co.
Omega Alpha Spac Cl A OMEG/ NDQ 1/7 10.0 10.0 .0 10.5 5.0 Finance-Blank Check Jefferies Llc.
Kuke Music Hldg Cl A Ads KUKE/ NSE 1/12 12.0 10.0 -16.7 9.2 -8.4 Consumer Svcs-Education Deutsche Bank Sec.
Patria Investments Cl A PAX/ NDQ 1/22 16.0 17.0 6.3 22.1 29.9 Finance-Investment Mgmt J P Morgan.

Risks And Rewards Of Buying IPO Stocks

In the right market environment, newly issued stocks can rise quickly, particularly those showing exceptional earnings and sales growth and strong demand among mutual fund managers and other large investors.

Just four weeks after its August 2004 market debut, Google-parent Alphabet (GOOGL) broke out of an IPO Base and rose over 300% in just 15 months.

But new issues can also be quite volatile, and not all of them generate such impressive gains.

Facebook (FB) (May 2012 IPO) and Alibaba (BABA) (September 2014 IPO) are examples of high-profile new issues that initially struggled.

So before buying an IPO stock, be sure to do your homework.

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