LINK -6h. Target reached – we are waiting for correction for BINANCE:LINKUSDT by P_S_trade

Since the end of April, the LINK market has revived significantly and has begun to bring only positive emotions for investors. In 2 weeks, buyers managed to raise the LINKUSDT price by 75% and fill the upper trend line of the white channel. We wrote about this growth channel in our previous idea:

If you look at our previous idea, you will see that buyers succeeded in testing our target of $50. However, the LINKUSD price started a wave of growth without testing the strength of the range of $40-42. This range was the range of the previous all-time high, where a lot of liquidity gathered. We can see this in more detail by examining the trades on May 4, when buyers managed to break through this liquid zone:

Above the range of $40-42, buyers did not find it easier to push the price up. Sensing strong resistance in the chainlink market, buyers formed a consolidation that continues to this day.

In our subjective opinion, this consolidation is more likely to break down to the range of $ 40-42. It is in this zone that we will understand whether there are still ambitions for this coin among buyers and whether there is a chance for a continuation of the growth wave and a repetition of the successful growth of ETH.

While BTC’s dominance continues to fall, Bitcoin continues to impact the crypto market, especially when it begins to correct. Looking at the BTCUSDT chart, one gets the impression that in the near future we are expecting at least a local wave of falling into the $54,000 range:

This scenario increases the likelihood of a local correction in the LINK market and testing buyers for strength.
We create both short-term ideas (for a local understanding of the market situation) and medium-term forecasts of price movements.
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