Well all you bulls might just hate me for saying this but the chart patterns, my technical analysis ,indicators/signals,confirmations from my “M.E.L.T.S STRATEGY “ is telling me that we are not done going down using the daily chart , the RSI is a little over sold but at 30 it could be used as momentum when we have not 1 pattern to breakdown but 2 together , a large s.triangle with a rising wedge inside with both having the same support trendline to break through, the target from this bearish breakdown is exactly 34K at the 200-ma , I use a total of 15 signals that are in confluence with each other and work as a great winning football team like the PATRIOTS when they had the dream team together, they worked insync and in synergy together with each giving one another confirmation that they would win the game , my strategy is telling me that the bears are going to win this matchup, everything is lit 🔥 up red for the bears on my strategy with every indicator and signal on 🔥 fire , well u guys tell me what you think? This will not happen overnight but within the next 2 days we are going to have very low volume followed by some huge breakdown volume to smash through the double support 2 triangles, hey maybe I’m wrong, Chris moodys tops/bottoms is in the extreme red bottom saying the bottom is in so let’s just see if that 1 indicator can put match my technical analysis chart patterns and the other 14 signals saying otherwise on the DAILY, thanks SHA256BITTRADER
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