Luminar Technologies technical breakout on 2x average volume for NASDAQ:LAZR by growerik

Luminar Technologies just had a technical breakout on 2x average daily volume . Luminar Technologies (LAZR), the global leader in automotive lidar hardware and software technology, announced today Alan Prescott as Chief Legal Officer. Alan Prescott is an automotive and autonomous industry legal expert, engineer, and 20-year veteran from top OEM and technology companies. He will be responsible for directing all legal operations as Luminar’s Chief Legal Officer. Alan joins Luminar from Tesla , where he spent four years acting most recently as General Counsel . Prior to Tesla , he led Uber’s Advanced Technology Group’s legal team as senior counsel overseeing commercial, regulatory, litigation, privacy, and cybersecurity. Alan’s career began at Ford Motor Company as a safety engineer before receiving his law degree from Georgetown University, after which he spent over 10 years leading various legal operations within the automaker, concentrating on product development and manufacturing, as well as several years as Special Counsel to the General Counsel (source: wallstreet-online). Do your own due diligence, your risk is 100% your responsibility. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. You win some or you learn some. Consider being charitable with some of your profit to help humankind. Good luck and happy trading friends…

*3x lucky 7s of trading*

7pt Trading compass:

Price action, entry/exit
Volume average/direction

Trend, patterns, momentum

Newsworthy current events

Balance sheet

7 Common mistakes:

+5% portfolio trades, capital risk management

Beware of analysts motives

Emotions & Opinions

FOMO : bad timing

Lack of planning & discipline

Forgetting restraint

Obdurate repetitive errors, no adaptation

7 Important tools:

Trading View app!, Brokerage UI

Accurate indicators & settings

Wide screen monitor/s

Trading log (pencil & graph paper)

Big organized desk

Reading books, playing chess

Sorted watch-list

Checkout my indicators:

Fibonacci VIP volume

Fibonacci MA7 – price

pi RSI – trend momentum
TTC – trend channel

AlertiT – notification…

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